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What is XP?

It’s always new customers getting the good deals right? Wrong. We think loyal customers should be rewarded when they keep coming back. You scratch our back, we scratch yours eh?

Buy games. Earn XP. Get rewards.

Buy more games. Earn more XP. Get more rewards.

Earn + for next level

So how does it work?

It works like this. Every game you buy earns you some XP. When you earn enough XP, you level up into Bronze, Silver or Gold status and get access to exclusive extra discounts and other free games or special goodies from companies we love.

The shinier your status, the better the deals you get.

Discover your rank

You can see your current XP status right below - but you’ll need to sign in to see it

The Rewards

Any game that has an tag has had your exclusive discount applied to it already - there’s nothing you need to do!

If you’re a Bronze member or higher, you can see what rewards are available and redeem them on your offers page.


What’s happening to VIP?

The new XP Program replaces our old VIP system

What is XP and how do I get some?

It’s easy - every product that is eligible to earn you XP tells you how much you can earn on the page. Buy games, earn XP. You only earn XP once your purchase is fulfilled - so that means pre-orders and payments that are still pending will not earn XP until they are completed.

How much XP will I earn?

You can see the maximum amount of XP you will earn on any product page that is eligible. If any further discounts are applied to your purchase in the basket, this will affect the amount of XP that is earned.

I was a VIP before, will I still be a VIP now?

The VIP system is gone, but your previous purchases may still have earned you enough XP to reach one of our new XP tiers.

What products are eligible for earning XP

Most products are, but you won’t earn any XP for buying gift cards. You will still earn XP when you make a purchase using credit redeemed on your account though.

Do my previous purchases count towards my new XP?

Yes! We will include purchases from the last 12 months from when the program goes live

What happens if I refund a game?

If you have to refund an order, you will lose the XP for that purchase.

Does my status last forever?

The new program works on a yearly basis. When you become a Bronze member or move up the ranks to Silver or Gold, you gain that membership for one year. After a year, your XP is reviewed and your status will either stay the same, or change, depending on your XP level.

Even if you don’t make any purchases for 12 months after reaching a new tier, you can only ever move down a maximum of one tier.

How does ranking up work?

When you earn enough XP to reach a new level, the time left on your XP level is reset and you gain your new status for one full year.