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The Best FPS Games

The Best FPS Games You Should Play Right Now

Looking for the best FPS PC games on PC? You have come to the right place! Our handy guide will tell you why we think these titles are the best fps games you should play in 2017.

Here are our top 10 FPS games in 2017 that you should play right now, according to our team at Green Man Gaming. We keep this handy guide up to date you can always come and check out what our top 10 games list is saying.


The one where you kill ALL of the demons
A hark back to the forefather of the FPS genre, DOOM is an first person shooter game that takes old school mechanics and gives the a current generation coat of paint. This is the perfect game if you want non stop action, gore and violence. Who doesn’t love battling the demons of hell whilst wielding a super shotgun? This game is perfect for players new or old and in the later level can be unforgiving. Don’t get too comfortable with your array of weapons, as your ego will soon be crushed under the sheer force of hell.


The bioshock-in-space-one
A sci-fi shooter set on a space station called Talos 1, where a rabid alien race has taken control. The Typhon are a feared race who have multiple abilities from telekinetic powers to transforming themselves into pretty any inanimate object in existence. Playing as Morgan Yu, you’ll investigate the alien infested space station and discover the secrets of both Transtar Corporation and how you are events beyond your comprehension. The extensive list of weapons, but severe lack of ammo, making this first person shooter a challenging experience.


The most innovative thing in shooters since mouse-look
If killing a bunch of people in epically stylish ways is your bag then Superhot is for you! When we say stylish we mean so stylish that it gives both Wanted and The Matrix’s gun play a run for it’s money!

Superhot is the quietly sinister shooter, where if you move, then so do the super hot red people coming after you. Also available in VR, Superhot is challenging, clever and hours of fun with friends.


The OTHER definitive co-op shooter
A wild adventure in the endless expanse of Pandora, Borderlands 2 is a manic and exhilarating open world first person shooter. The range of weaponry available is bonkers, similar to the characters, dialogue and storyline. The art design compliments the scatty premise and unique characters and skills, with a superbly written script. What’s more, this is one of the few shooters in our lists that supports 4 player co-op mode, allowing you to experience the epic story with your friends!

With it’s roster of awesome characters and an antagonist who can’t stop going on about diamond ponies, Borderlands 2 is an epic FPS game that everyone should play.

Devil Daggers

The endless wave shooter with AESTHETIC
Featuring an aesthetic that’s half nightmare dream, half PS1, Devil Daggers is a wave based FPS that features one weapon, one hand stretching out in front of you, and a hell of a lot of skulls. A true test of your ability to dodge, keep firing, and survive; at the start a Devil Daggers run lasts seconds but soon you’ll be blowing up skulls with the best of them. Everything about Devil Daggers is a nightmare except for how it plays, which is a truly refined and beautiful slice of pure-FPS carnage.


The foul-mouthed, sci-fi spectacle with style
If Duke Nukem 3D was the filthy child of the 90s, then Bulletstorm was the same for the 00s. Set on a beautiful alien planet, you take foul mouthed bounty hunter Grayson Hunt through arena after arena, blowing up enemies in increasingly inventive ways, and foul mouthing your way through the scenery. Featuring the best lewd jokes since Leisure Suit Larry and utterly over the top, bombastic shooting action to match, Bulletstorm is the FPS that blows the rest away for sheer spectacle and FUN.