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Protect your cornfields and lock up your livestock, because FLOCK is here! Pilot a UFO around vibrantly-colored landscapes in this charming sandbox puzzle game where you must herd animal life back to the Motherflocker.

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Treten Sie der Herde bei!

Im neuen Spiel FLOCK kümmern Sie sich um Ihre Maisfelder und Ihren Viehbestand. In diesem süßen Puzzlespiel steuern Sie ein UFO über farbenfrohe Landschaften und versuchen, die Tiere zurück zum Muttertier zu bringen. Es gilt, über 50 Puzzles auf dem Land mit Hilfe des Physics Engine zu lösen. Sammeln Sie Holz, um Brücken zu bauen, versetzen Sie ganze Felsbrocken, um Hindernisse zu schaffen und verwandeln Sie Felder in Pfade, um Ihre Herde noch vor dem Zeitlimit einzutreiben. Hüten Sie die Tiere mit einem Freund zusammen und entwerfen Sie Ihre eigenen verrückten Levels online!

    Sie können süße knuddelige Tiere hüten, antreiben, herumstupsen und beeinflussen wie Sie wollen. Die Tiere verhalten sich wie in einer echten Herde und reagieren entsprechend auf die anderen Tiere und die gefährliche Umgebung
    Über 50 Levels an schwierigen Puzzles auf dem Land
    Kooperatives Tierehüten für zwei Spieler
    Ein spezielles Programm ermöglicht Ihnen, eigene Puzzles zu entwerfen, diese mit anderen zu teilen und auch zu bewerten
    Eine fesselnde Welt mit wunderschönen Lichteffekten und markanten Strukturen bringt Ihnen eines der besten Graphikspiele, die es jemals gegeben hat
    Ein auf der Realität basierender Physics Engine ermöglicht unglaublich viele Puzzlevariationen; Sammeln Sie Holz, um Brücken zu errichten, bewegen Sie Felsen, um Hindernisse zu bauen und machen Sie ganze Felder platt, um Pfade für die Herde zu schaffen
    Viele lustige Überraschungen, versteckte Sammelstücke und Upgrades warten auf Sie

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Dienstag, 7. April 2009
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows® Vista / XP / Server 2008
  • Processor: 2 GHz Pentium 4 (If running with an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator, the minimum CPU required is a 3.0 Ghz P4 or 2.33 Hz Dual Core equivalent)
  • Memory: XP: 512 MB minimum, 1 GB recommended; Vista or Server 2008: 1 GB minimum, 2 GB recommended
  • Hard Drive: 128 MB available disk space required
  • Graphics: Intel GMA 3100
  • Sound Card:DirectX(R)9.0c compatible
  • Display: 800x600 minimum resolution, 1280x720 or higher recommended
  • Input: Windows-compliant keyboard and mouse, Xbox 360® Controller for Windows® recommended
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Flock!

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Decent time-killer


This game is as much of a mindless distraction as it appears. However, as mindless distractions go, it's rather good. There is a respectable degree of variety in the gameplay. It will likely grow tiresome eventually, but not so soon as to feel a wasted purchase. The environments don't feel too re-hashed over the 55 single-player levels and the animal noises manage not to become overly annoying. The co-op mode and level editor also add a lot to the game's longevity. I wouldn't go so far as to recommend Flock, but if it looks reasonably appealing to you, I imagine you will get some enjoyment from it. Also, little PSA: It should be noted that Steam is not the only DRM attached to this game; it also utilises SecuROM.

fun game


Fun game with nice cartoon graphics, the objective is capture the animals in levels (they are very cute) and also you can do any actions, for example do circles in wheat. The game have many various levels well painted, with various animals, there are also collectibles to find, the music is nice and not annoying. Technically is well done with a very light graphic engine (and also the game is very small, around 200 MB; perfect for laptop, works also with Intel GMA), there is also the local coop (rare function in today's games) and supports the gamepad.

Awkward and only mildly fun


Flock! is an interesting game just by concept alone. Though simple, your goal is to guide a flock (!) of terrified sheep into the confines of your mothership. To achieve this goal, you guide a scout ship around to herd the sheep and push them towards the end of the level. Though this kind of simplicity can make for an easy to pick up game that is a lot of fun, it also opens the game up to being ruined by equally simple problems. This, sadly, is the case for Flock! Herding the sheep is a pain. It's way too easy for sheep to get stuck on the scenery or have their pathfinding messed up by the tiniest of flaw in your strategies to get them to move towards your mothership. This seems to have been an intentional design on part of the developers, but it is a rather poor choice. Instead of increasing the difficulty, it makes the game much more of a chore to play. Likewise, it's difficult to ever feel like you've improved in the game, because the game is actively working against letting you play it. While it is possible that some players may enjoy the challenge of the gaming actively trying to make you fail, others may be better off seeking out equally simple games that do not try to hamper your enjoyment.

It's cute


The Good: - Cute animals! - You are an alien ship, kidnapping these animals without disturbing them to point of self-destruction. You gotta be smooth. :P - Graphics are cartoon-like and colorful. - Sounds are fun and not annoying. - Lots of levels & multiplayer option. The bad: The gameplay is basically clicking and dragging around the screen to move things. It's nothing more than a bad flash game with nice graphics.

Sheeps ahoy!


Capcom does it again! Flock is a logical puzzle game that has you doing a simple job - pilot a UFO to gather a flock of animals inside a ship and blast away with the prize! How cool is that? The presentation being on the goofy/cartoon and a bit comical side makes it all the more worth while. The hard part here is that you can't just pick the animals up with a beam, but you gotta make a path with it through wheat (crop circles anyone?) and scare those animals into following it. One wrong move and you could scare them into a water and all the animals drown. All the animals have their own characteristics so you have to use that to your advantage too. For example, a flock of bulls will lead to a stampede. There are also mating spots on the levels, which you can use... you know. You need a male and a female of an animal and voila! Bonus points ahoy! Graphics are great, not too much on the needy side but still enough for the game to be able to run yet look very appealing on any decent laptop or PC. The CO-OP possibility makes it even more appealing to me, cause you know I prefer games you can play with friends! Nothing more to say, the game is a blast, looks good, and it's a ton of fun with friends. Go pick it up!

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