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In a world dominated by freestyling and risk-taking, impose your riding style throughout the world. Intimidate your opponents and win your races! 

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Zwinge einer Welt, in der Freestyle und Risikobereitschaft dominieren, deinen eigenen Fahrstil auf. Beeindrucke deine Gegner und beenden deine Rennen als Sieger!

Moto Racer 4 ist ein Rennspiel, dass du allein oder im Multiplayer-Modus (mit bis zu zehn Spielern) auf der Straße oder im Gelände spielen kannst.

Meistere Driften, Wheelies, enge Kurven und andere Techniken, um dir einen Platz auf dem Podium zu verdienen!

Verbessere und konfiguriere dein Bike! Spiele dich durch Moto Racer 4 und genieße die atemberaubenden Umgebungen.
Von der Vereinigten Staaten durch die Wüste bis zum Asien – Moto Racer 4 führt dich mit 100 Meile pro Stunde über trügerische, atemberaubende Kurse.

Hindernisse, wild entschlossene Gegner, Gegenverkehr und selbst die Ordnungshüter stehen dir im Weg und wollen dich aufhalten. Verlasse die Straße und nutze die einzigartigen Features jedes Kurses zu deinem Vorteil, um die besten Abkürzungen zu finden.FEATURES :

    1 SPIEL, 2 KATEGORIEN: ASPHALT UND OFF-ROADNOCH MEHR HERAUSFORDERUNGEN - Steige im Entwicklungsmodus im Spiel auf und schließe Herausforderungen ab, um noch mehr Inhalte freizuschalten!BEEINDRUCKENDE VIELFÄLTIGE UMGEBUNGEN - Werde von der Bay Area durch die Wüste bis hin zum Asien zum Freestyle-König, indem du auf den unmöglichsten Untergründen Tricks aneinanderreihst.KONFIGURIERBARE BIKES - Konfiguriere dein Bike ganz nach deinen Wünschen, sodass es deinen persönlichen Stil widerspiegelt.FORDERE DEINE FREUNDE HERAUS - Tritt gegen deine Freunde an – auf geteiltem Bildschirm oder online im Multiplayer-Modus gegen bis zu zehn Spieler gleichzeitig!

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Plug-in Digital
Artefacts Studios
Donnerstag, 3. November 2016
English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements


  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 


  • OS: MAC OS X 10.6 or higher
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for MotoRacer4

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I was surprised by a nice little game!


Usually I dislike games that are about racing with bikes. They all have some issues such as the game is old and looks bad, the physics are bad, the controls are bad(I'm picky about racing games) etc. This game on the other hand must be the only game of this type that I like, it surprised me. Ignore the people who claim it's unrealistic, that it performs poorly and that there is no story or anything. This is arcade racing, it's not trying to be as realistic as possible. It runs completely fine on my system that's not super high end build(i3, 750ti, 8gb ram). Who cares about story in racing games? Just look at EA trying to include story in NFS games for example, it doesn't work and nobody cares about it, we play racing games for the racing part. The price tag is questionable though when you look at the game as whole. And it uses Denuvo apparently. I've played all the other bike games such as MotoGP, Ride and I did not enjoy them at all. I haven't played the Valentino Rossi games and Ride2 so I cannot compare it to them. But comparing Moto Racer 4 to the rest bike games on steam I can say that I enjoy Moto Racer 4 the most of all of them.

A nice arcade motorcycle racer


I am a fan of the MotoRacer series and I liked this game as well. I think the game is really underrated. I liked all of its main features - good graphics, nice driving feeling, a good career mode with many different tasks. The stars to work on in the career mode are a nice idea that reminds me of Sonic Allstar Racing. You have to choose which stars you want to reach before each challenge. If you can not make it, the stars are gone. Sure, the graphics are not the best we can see in a contemporary video game, but I think it's very suitable for the gameplay. There are only four or five types of environment but with various routes. You can reach 300km/h and the feel of speed is really there. Objects are placed randomly: tubes, bridges, enough to gain momentum. And also traffic, often in the wrong direction with large trucks! The originality of the stars is that before each race you have to bet where you end up. 1st three stars, 2nd two stars, 3rd three stars. If you bet 3rd and finish 1st you logically win one star. But if you bet 1 and finish 3rd then, as you could have won three stars, the game will temporarily withdraw three. At each end of the race, you also get a style note that allows or not to pick up what to improve in the motorcycle. Pros - Many different routes, no circuits! - The feel of speed - A long solo mode with different game modes - Customization - Reconfigurable keyboard (controller support) - Nice visuals Cons - Repetitive music - Controller not reconfigurable, you have to go through x360ce unfortunately - Few types of environments at the moment - Multiplayer is empty Arcade enthusiasts, this game is for you!

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