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The full RACE On bundle including RACE 07 and STCC - the Game, introduces the biggest, best and most comprehensive SimBin racing package ever.

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Game description

RACE On bringt Ihnen die epische WTCC 2008 Saison bis hin zum kleinsten Detail und jetzt bekommen SIE die Chance der Welt zu zeigen, wer der echte Champion ist.

Das RACE On-Erweiterungspaket enthält die bekannten Detroiter Musclecars für jene, die gerne viel Gummi geben, während sie am Umdrehungslimit aus der Kurve schlittern. Genug Drehmoment, um den Mond aus seinem Orbit zu ziehen, das Lenkrad am Anschlag und ein großes Grinsen in Ihrem Gesicht. Oder Sie versuchen sich an den Formula Masters, eine erstklassige Open Wheel-Serie, die Ihnen noch mehr Geschwindigkeit und Action als jemals zuvor bietet. Extreme Kurvengeschwindigkeiten und simulierte G-Kräfte machen es zu einem Auto für echte Fahrer.

Aber RACE On besteht nicht nur aus neuen Autos, sondern enthält auch brandneue amerikanische Strecken in SimBin-Qualität und kommt mit einem riesigen Update von bestehenden Strecken auf 2008er-Standards. Mit RACE On kommen auch 5 brandneue Strecken, die alle bis ins kleinste Detail den Originalen nachempfunden sind.


    10 einzigartige Automodelle in 7 verschiedenen Klassen.
    5 neue Strecken.
    Verschiedene Meisterschaften inklusive ihrer verschiedenen Regeln.
    Mehrspieler, bis zu 25 Computer- oder echte Spieler online.
    Ghost Racing gegen Ihre eigenen Rundenzeiten oder gegen die Ihrer Freunde.

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Simbin Development Team
Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements

System: XP Home/Vista/7

CPU: 1.7 GHZ P4

RAM: 512 MB

Hard drive space: 2,5 GB

Vcard: Direct X9 compatible with 128 MB

Scard: Direct X9 compatible

Recommended Requirements

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The complete package


Race on is Race 07 plus all of it's expansion packs all in one purchase. No need to buy any other packs. The game sits halfway between Forza and it's Simbin's previous game GTR2 in simulation. It's a good game for racing fans and can be played on an xbox controller just as well as it can a steering wheel and pedal setup. The graphics in my opinion are a little worse than GTR2, which is odd. Also the sounds are not as good and the game as a whole seems less immersive. It is still a good game it is just more mainstream than Simbin's previous games.

A true racing sim


Race On has more cars than Greggs have pies. This compilation has something for everyone. Single-seaters, tourers, sports cars, etc. Whilst getting on in age a little bit, the graphics are still more than serviceable and convey a great sense of speed. The damage model is not all it could be, but that isn't really important. The noise of your engine is loud and detailed, the crackles and pops from your overrunning exhaust pipe accompanying every gear change. The cars (especially the touring cars) feel right on the ragged edge of adhesion and it really immerses the player in the race, because you know that if you drive in a silly fashion, you are going straight to the scene of the accident. That's not to say it isn't accessible - far from it, with a large selection of driver aids and AI which is adjustable by percentage points, everyone should find a setting that they are happy with, whether you are a hard-core simmer or you're looking for an arcade buzz. Highly recommended.

Better than most racing games!


This game is nice when it comes to the tracks, the graphics, and the fast-pace. The tracks are marvelous, as they aren't generic at all and contain a lot of room for pushing other cars out of the way and slowing others down. The graphics are stunning, the cars look great when they shine the way they do and the environment is amazing. The game is very fast paced, if you make one mistake, it could screw you over, and if you do the right move, you could be on top in a matter of seconds. I recommend this game for racing game lovers.

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