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Zombies on a Plane is an exciting new survival game in the sky. Take on the role of the captain of a troubled jumbo jet carrying infected passengers intent on bringing the plane out of the sky.

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Game description

Zombies on a Plane ist ein aufregendes und neues Überlebensspiel im Himmel. In diesem innovativen und interaktiven Spiel übernimmst du die Rolle des Piloten in einem Jumbo-Jet voll mit infizierten Passagieren, die das Flugzeug vom Himmel zwingen wollen, oder kämpfe im Inneren gegen Zombies, oder bewege dich außen am Flugzeug entlang und versuche die Kontrolle als einer der Passagiere zurückzugewinnen.

Verwende das Flugzeug als Waffe, oder schieße deinen Weg durch die Gänge als einer der letzte Überlebenden, in einem Kampf gegen eine Horde Zombies in einer Höhe von 10.000 Metern. Als Pilot in Kontrolle muss der Spieler den Zustand wichtiger Teile, wie den Triebwerken und Leitwerken, im Auge behalten und vor Zombies schützen. Als Passagier steht dem Spieler eine Vielzahl von Waffen und Fallen zu Verfügung und es müssen Teile des Flugzeuges manuell repariert werden, sodass das Flugzeug im Himmel bleibt.


    Eine Vielzahl an Modi – 6 verschiedene Spielmodi um deine Überlebensfähigkeiten auf die Probe zu stellen. Einschließlich den Modi „Defend the Cockpit“ und „Flight of 10 Waves“

    Hoher Wiederspielwert – 5 verschiedene Charaktere und 3 Flugzeuge mit verschiedenen Fertigkeiten und Spielstilen

    Ausgeklügeltes Wiederspielwert – Trenne Körperteile von Zombies um diese zu verlangsamen und zu sehen wie sie reagieren

    Vielzahl von Zombies – Eine Vielzahl von intelligenten Zombies mit verschiedenen Spielstilen

    Großartige Auswahl an Waffen – 10 verschiedene und freischaltbare Waffen. Einschließlich Zombie Schredder Fallen mit ausgeklügeltem Waffen System

    Belohnungen – Innovatives Combo System sorgt für Spielspass und belohnt Spieler mit großartigen Belohnungen

    Verwalte das Flugzeug – Repariere Teile um das Flugzeug in der Luft zu halten und halte Türen fest verschlossen

    Nie-gesehenes Game Play – Kämpfe um die Kontrolle eines fliegenden Jumbo Jets, oder schubse Zombies vom Flugzeug. Beobachte sie im Fall

    Hohe Wiedergabetreue – Schone Grafiken der Unreal Engine 3 bieten großartige und zerstörbare Spielumgebungen

    Unterstützt Steamworks Funktionen

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1C Company
Shangri La Game Studios Ltd
Action, Indie
1C Company
Freitag, 25. März 2016
Spanish, Russian, Portuguese-Brazil, Polish, Italian, German, French, English
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit) 
Processor: Intel or AMD New Generation Dual Core 2.0GHz CPU 
Memory: 2 GB RAM 
Graphics: NVIDIA 8800 or ATI 3850 
DirectX: Version 9.0 
Storage: 1 GB available space 

Recommended Requirements

OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit) 
Processor: Intel i5 or AMD equivalent 
Memory: 4 GB RAM 
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or ATI Radeon HD 6850 
DirectX: Version 11 
Storage: 1 GB available space 


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For this price, this is an okay game. It isn't something you'll play for years, or even months, but if you wan't a cheap trill, this game if perfect for that. The flying part isn't too hard. You don1t need a joystick or anything. If you cna fly in battlefield, you'll manage here. The zombies are the usual. Nothing to say here really.

Decent game


Zombies on a Plane is really insane! I got it Free and I love it but have some minor bugs which should be solved. The graphics and music are great! If you want to buy it i recommend you do only on sale!

When the Zombies flies


El modo de vuelo es peculiar, pero al mismo tiempo hilarante. Ahora est? en control del avi?n y debe sacudir a los zombis molestos de destruir partes de su avi?n. Para hacer esto, s?lo volar en el oc?ano! Sin embargo, las animaciones son malas y claramente necesitan m?s trabajo ya que algunas animaciones no son naturales. M?s all? de dicho juego, el juego no ofrece nada m?s que la supervivencia y el buceo en avi?n.

Very Average


There's a couple of modes of play in this game, but only one was any fun. Starting with the bad, you can literally control the plane like a simulation and use various keys to open flaps, twist/turn the plane, etc. with the intent of knocking the zombies off the outside of the plane before they cause enough damage to force you to crash. This mode was very poor due to the horrible controls. There are so many keys on the keyboard that do different things, it's tough to get used to the controls. I found it more fun to crash the plane into the ocean than I did trying to survive. Now for the better part, you play a first person shooter with wave after wave of zombies attacking you from open doors on the plane. You have to kill them fast so they don't over run you, while also making sure you barricade the doors to slow the waves down. Some zombies, walk, some run, some crawl. It gets hectic very fast and is very challenging. There's also not a whole lot of room to maneuver since you are on a plane with narrow aisles and non destructible levels, so you can't even destroy the chairs to give you more room. There's a few unlockables like more guns, plane skins, or character skins, but overall, you probably won't play this game too long. There are better noes out there, but this one is fun in short bursts. I wouldn't recommend it, but if it's on sale cheap, it might give you a few hours of fun.

Zombies on a Plane: an okay game


Zombies on a Plane is a name that basically tells you what the whole game about. Essentially, it's a flying game but also a zombie survival game. You get points as you play through, the higher you score in survival, the more weapons you unlock. In survival, you'll fight wave after wave of zombies. Not all zombies are the same however, many can be destroyed quite easily, others that take loads of damage and can still attack you with or without legs, arms, or head! I was really surprised at seeing zombie dogs on the plane but I suppose realism can be suspended in a zombie game. The flying mode is quirky, yet hilarious at the same time. You are now in control of the plane and must shake off those pesky zombies from destroying parts of your plane. To do this, you just fly into the ocean! However, the animations are bad and clearly need more work as some animations look unnatural. Beyond the said gameplay, the game offers nothing more besides survival and plane diving. If there was multiplayer, I would spend more time playing the game with my friends. As the game is now, I don't recommend it to anyone except those who like high scores and zombie shoot em ups.

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