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Archeage Classes – The Building Blocks for What Could Be the Best Archeage Class

Archeage is a free-to-play MMORPG that has a classic high fantasy setting but also has boats and a housing market. One of the most intriguing things about the game is the class system. Rather than selecting a rogue or a mage, you choose skill sets. There are ten skill sets to choose from, you pick one when you start, one at level five, and one at level ten. This then comes together to form your ‘class’. This means that there are over 100 Archeage classes. It makes more sense to have a look at the component parts rather than the end result so that you can have a think about how to build one of the Archeage classes and the skills you like the sound of.    


Needless to say this is a ranged skill set. It inflicts good damage from afar but decreases in potency the closer an enemy gets. Thankfully, archers have an array of abilities to keep enemies away from them, or to keep themselves away from the enemies. They can deal a variety of effects too, so it is a good class for shutting enemies down.


Auramancy is one of the Archeage classes best suited for support. It offers an array of buffs for you and your friends while inflicting debuffs on your opponents. It also has a good mix of healing, mobility, and crowd control. Just a very well-balanced support class.


BattleRage is all about the thrill of the fight. You take the fight to your enemy and allow no retreat. It is largely focused on being aggressive and even offers some buffs for dual wielding weapons if you want to look cool.


This is the tank of the Archeage classes. It is all about having a shield and using it to protect everyone. You can taunt enemies to distract them and buff your own defence. This is a good one to throw in if you fancy yourself as something of a protector.


If you want to curse your opponents then Occultism is for you. It deals out a large variety of debuffs and status effects from afar. It also passively boosts your mana regeneration and the chance for magical critical hits, which makes it a good one for aggressive mages.


Speed is the name of the game. This is your ninja of the Archeage classes. It is all about moving fast and taking targets out faster. You can hide and dodge attacks and also have a higher chance of dealing critical hits.


Songcraft uses music to deal out a huge variety of effects. You can inflict ranged damage, do some crowd control, buff, debuff, and heal. You have a huge array of things to dip into, so it is a good one if you like to be a jack of all trades.


Sorcery is the primary damage-dealing skill of the Archeage classes. It inflicts damage using electricity, fire, and ice. It also passively boosts damage and can deal out some useful status effects to your enemies too.


Vitalism is the healing class. It can heal all in one go, do it over a set amount of time, protect your friends, and even bring them back to life. Its passive abilities increase your mana pool and even boost healing effects.  


Witchcraft is one of the best Archeage classes for crowd control. You can lock down a fight, while the passive abilities boost your defence and your ability to deal with crowd control.