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Everything You Need To Know! Wolfenstein 2 Release Date, System Requirements and DLCs

MachineGames returns with the best Nazi-killing sim in videogames. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus puts us back into the shoes of the meat-headed B.J. Blazkowicz once more, this time as he tries to free America from the Nazi war machine.

Beginning straight after the events of The New Order, we start the game once again with an injured B.J. trying to recover from his wounds. While it might sound like a tame way to kick things off, it won’t be long before you are gunning down fascism from the comfort of your wheelchair, a gun firing angrily from each hand.

To get you ready for that day, here’s everything we know about Wolfenstein II.

Wolfenstein 2 Release Date

“When can I shoot Nazis in the face?” we hear you ask. Well, you will be able to shoot them directly in the face on Wolfenstein II release day, October 27, 2017. Do 100 pushups per day in preparation.

Wolfenstein 2 System Requirements

Publisher Bethesda hasn’t released the system requirements for Wolfenstein II on PC yet, but we will be sure to update as soon as the information is available.

Wolfenstein II Pre-Order

If you pre-purchase Wolfenstein II, not only will you be gunning away on release day, you also get access to some DLC for your eagerness. Once it becomes available, you will get instant access to The Freedom Chronicles: Episode Zero, for free. This introductory DLC mission sees the fight from the eyes of a new protagonist, with each episode following it showing us the conflict from a new perspective.

Wolfenstein 2 DLC and Season Pass

MachineGames is taking a different approach to DLC with Wolfenstein II. Where the first game got The Old Blood, a standalone adventure, this sequel is getting episodic content - short stories of war from multiple perspectives.

Episode Zero, which is included with pre-orders, introduces the three new characters - Joseph Stallion, Jessica Valiant, and Gerald Wilkins - then there will be one piece of DLC for each of them afterwards. Here’s what they are all about:

  • Episode Zero - Episode Zero introduces Joseph Stallion, Jessica Valiant, and Gerald Wilkins as they fight across America. Murder Nazis with an array of killing tools, using the characters’ unique abilities.
  • The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe - Take on the role of former professional quarterback Joseph Stallion, and battle across a variety of locations, from Chicago’s ruins to space. Yes, space.
  • The Diaries of Agent Silent Death - Jessica Valiant is an ex-OSS agent and assassin tasked with infiltrating Nazi bunkers in California and discovering the secrets of Operation San Andreas.
  • The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins - Dismantle Operation Black Sun in Alaska as a renowned US Army hero, Captain Gerald Wilkins.
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