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Alekhine’s Gun is a third-person stealth game set in the 1960s Cold War era featuring choice-based gameplay, open levels, multiple stealth techniques and weapons, and an intriguing storyline with film-noir elements.

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Game description

It is the height of the Cold War, a time of global uncertainty and civil unrest. You are Agent Alekhine, a highly skilled Russian assassin, driven by a moral compass that leads you headfirst into a covert operation unsanctioned by the country you previously served.

Working alongside American CIA agents, your mission is clear - though how you accomplish it is anything but - as the tension of a nuclear standoff grows with each passing minute. Enemies and allies blur; truth is as nebulous as your identity. In a world where one wrong move could be the end of you, navigating a new direction comes at a price.

Key Features:

  • TRAVERSE 11 OPEN GAME LEVELS - Play through open environments with non-linear missions within intriguing U.S., European, and Cuban locations. Explore multiple routes, hidden rooms, and numerous methods to execute assignments. Move freely within your surroundings. Tackle objectives in any order you choose.

  • CONTROL YOUR MISSIONS - Complete each stage within the missions based on your own personal strategy and play style. Experiment with tactics such as using poisons, staging accidents, or purposely alerting guards.

  • MAXIMISE YOUR STEALTH RANKING - Create distractions, pick locks, take on enemy disguises, retrieve vital documents to discover new information, and use specialised weapons to dispose of enemies. Gain additional weapons after each level based on your ability to complete missions without causing attention.

  • EXPERIENCE COLD WAR ESPIONAGE - Alekhine's Gun takes place in a time of extreme hostility and tension, beginning in the early years of the Cold War after WWII and extending through the early 1960s Cuban Missile Crisis. Experience cinematic cut scenes that add layers of intrigue and offer information to help unravel the plot, while providing a historical perspective of this time period.


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Action, Adventure
Friday, March 11, 2016
English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel or equal AMD-Processor
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Alekhine's Gun

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Great game


Gameplay is unique and in a way original because you are able to finish missions in many many various ways that will determen your overall score. When I say various ways, I mean that you will have your task, but how will you do it, what approach will you use it is all depending on your overall gameplay, will you interact with certant objects that will trigger something, or someone... the amount ways doing a missions is just impressive!

Somewhat like the first two Hitman games but with even more problems


Alekhine's Gun is a third person stealth game set during the Cold War. You will go on missions to assassinate different targets in a variety of locations around the world. The world is bland and the story is told through dry dialogue and often static cutscenes. The game is similar to the original two Hitman games in sharing poor control and control response, bad AI, poor animations, and frequent glitches, though the problems here tend to be much worse even when compared to the frequent issues of those old titles. The game can also suffer from framerate issues as well as poor graphics and sound design. Also similar to the more recent Hitman titles is having levels take place in large areas, but without the large number of people, making the areas feel boring and lifeless. If you have to buy a stealth game there are some elements that work and even the bugs can be amusing but it has too many problems to recommend and the price is too high.

Awesome Hitman Clone With a Few Problems


I bought this game because I wanted a Hitman style game and didn't like the idea of the new Hitman game being released in episodes rather than as a whole. I stumbled across this game and was very surprised at how good it was. The graphics were surprisingly good and the game plays fine and doesn't crash at all. It does however have issues with the enemy AI that at times cause a lot of frustrating moments. Sometimes an enemy will see you with their back turned, other times they won't. I had a few problems where I was wearing a disguise, and the enemies immediately shot at me as I walked passed them, despite me not doing anything suspicious to draw attention and I was wearing the correct outfit in the correct area. I had enemies shooting at me through walls and spotting me through closed doors. A lot of these issues were fixed with the patch the developers released, but every now and then the problems pop back up. The game remains enjoyable nonetheless and is definitely worth playing. When the game plays the way it should, it really feels identical to Hitman in every way. It has similar mission structures, decent size open areas to explore, multiple ways to eliminate your targets, and some pretty good level design and variety. The story, like Hitman in my opinion, is throwaway and unmemorable, but the game, like Hitman, is extremely replayable since there are just so many ways a level can play out depending on how you choose to go about the mission. If you love stealth games, or Hitman, you should definitely give this game a try.

Death From Above


I am always a fan of good stealth action games, and Alekhine's Gun is one of them, in this game you are doing missions in terms of Hitman, meaning that you can get disguises, stealthy assassinations or even deadly accidents, using all sorts of weapons, and if you get bored by the stealthy way then you can go berserk on your enemies, so its pretty much a copy from Hitman except of course for the time setting and your targets, but the idea itself is so much based on Hitman, Commandos, and those sorts of games, but the copy is sort of a bad quality, the game's visuals are usually satisfying, the physics are dull, but the missions are varied in terms of its execution methods. Basically, it's not a bad game, but the lack of features and game mechanics are degrading Alekhine's Gun quality.

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