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Alien Breed: Trilogy





Experience the ultimate in science-fiction action with the Alien Breed™ Trilogy: three arcade-shooter titles in one fantastic collection, together for the first time.

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Game description

Experience the ultimate in science-fiction action with the Alien Breed™ Trilogy: three arcade-shooter titles in one fantastic collection, together for the first time. The Alien Breed™ Trilogy resurrects a much revered franchise with an epic narrative, swarms of intelligent alien enemies, high-impact weaponry and rich environments; all implemented with superb technology in a state-of-the-art gaming experience, developed using Epic Games' Unreal® Engine 3. In addition to the thrilling single-player campaign and "Survivor" modes, the games offer relentless, action-packed, two-player online co-operative battle modes.

The thrilling shooter trilogy, all in one collection:

  • Alien Breed™:

    Impact is the first explosive chapter in the Alien Breed™ Trilogy, and is an action-packed mix of arcade-shooter, survival-horror and tactical weapons upgrades and customization. The player takes control of Theodore J. Conrad, the heroic engineer on the spaceship Leopold, which has collided with a mysterious ghost ship after dropping out of hyperspace. Conrad must take up arms against the vicious alien invaders that have overwhelmed his ship and fight to save his life.

  • Alien Breed™ 2:

    Assault is the second chapter in the Alien Breed™ Trilogy. Continue your fight for survival as Conrad, across the fatally damaged space vessels, armed with destructive new weaponry, against the ongoing ruthless alien assaults, including thrilling new set pieces. Take up the challenge and try to stay alive in the all new "Survivor" modes.

  • Alien Breed™ 3:

    Descent is the final explosive chapter in the Alien Breed™ Trilogy. Once again take control of the hero, Conrad, the ship’s Chief Engineer, in his last stand against the savage alien horde. Equipped with powerful new weapons, survive the action-packed third-person action sections, as the horrifying truth surrounding the existence of the Breed is finally uncovered…

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Team 17
Team 17
Indie, Shooter
Monday, March 28, 2011
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
  • Processor: 2.0+ GHZ Single Core Processor
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA 6800+ or ATI Radeon X700+ Video Card
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 2.0GB
  • Sound: Windows Supported Sound Card
  • Other Requirements: Internet connection required for multiplayer
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Sometimes you just want to shoot some aliens


These are the best looking top down shooters I have played, but really these games tend to be the same for me, games that you just pick up when you just feel like mindlessly shooting some monsters, zombies seem to be the main fodder for this type of game, but Team 17 opted for aliens, the change allowed for some nice thematic environments and weapons, the run and gun gameplay feels solid, the movement is smooth and the shooting is satisfying, but again the main draw to these game over others in the same genre is the graphics, the games are simply beautiful, but it also nails the mechanics as well, and all-around fun way to waste some time.

You get exactly what you expect!


Once in a while, I simply want to play a game where I do not really need to think and I just walk around shooting things, and this is exactly it. The Alien Breed series doesn't offer anything new that we've not seen countless times in games like these, but the games do run beautifully, with excellent visuals for the genre and a nice soundtrack that fits the bill. Yes they are mindless games, but sometimes, that is exactly what we want. The Gameplay is very well executed, and I never had a moment where I felt that my character got in the way of my doing what I needed to do, and that's really the only possible complaint I may have about a game like one of these, they delivered on what all the promises. So if I compare these game to all games in general, they aren't anything special, but within their specific genre, the games are excellent!

It's an alien themed action shooter... end of story


Ok so these games don't give way much in terms of individuality... but they look great and play like a dream. i think the whole space alien thing died out for me a few years ago though and thats why i don't enjoy these as much as i should, but over all they are still amazing games and need to be played. the amount of detail and texture in the graphics is unbelievable, and even the character movement and shooting mechanics feel perfect in all of these...i guess when you don't have a very interesting story line you need those kinds of things. Worth playing, but i would wait for a sale. 20 bucks still feels high for an iso action shooter.

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