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Batman: Arkham Origins™ is the next installment in the blockbuster Batman: Arkham videogame franchise.

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"In Arkham Origins we join Batman in his angsty teenage years. He’s not the stoic, Kevin Conroy-voiced Batman of Asylum and City, who calmly asks criminals to turn themselves in before he beats them up, but a hot-headed, teeth-baring vigilante who punches first and asks questions later." - PCGamer.com

"Batman: Arkham Origins is a low point for the series, but even when it's not very good, it's still pretty good." - IGN.com

Batman: Arkham Origins™ is the next installment in the blockbuster Batman: Arkham videogame franchise. Developed by WB Games Montréal, the game features an expanded Gotham City and introduces an original prequel storyline set several years before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, the first two critically acclaimed games of the franchise.

Taking place before the rise of Gotham City’s most dangerous criminals, the game showcases a young and unrefined Batman as he faces a defining moment in his early career as a crime fighter that sets his path to becoming the Dark Knight. As the story unfolds, players will meet many important characters for the first time and forge key relationships.

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Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
WB Games Montreal
Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
Friday, October 25, 2013
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS 32-bit: Vista, Win 7, Win 8
  • CPU Intel Core Duo, 2.4 GHz | AMD Athlon X2, 2.8 GHz
  • Memory 2 GB
  • Video Card NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS | AMD Radeon 3850
  • DirectX DX 10
Recommended Requirements
  • OS 64-bit: Vista, Win 7, Win 8
  • CPU Intel Core i5 750, 2.67 GHz | AMD Phenom II X4 965, 3.4 GHz
  • Memory 4 GB
  • Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 | AMD Radeon HD 6950
  • DirectX DX 11

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Reviews for Batman Arkham Origins

Better than Asylum, not as good as City.

As an origins story, the plot does justice to the Batman universe and as a prequel to Arkham Asylum. The fight mechanism is similar to all games in the franchise but the boss fights are taken up a notch and are made as unique to each super villain as possible. The detective sequences wherein Batman has to find clues and understand what happened at a crime scene are also much more fun than in the previous games, this time making it slightly more engaging. I have recently started playing it again, and I gotta say, it is _always_ satisfying to jump into a mob of baddies and punch them in the face while avoiding their attacks. The story is fun, the action is great, and who cares about 'mediocre detective work?' The point is you're BATMAN, so of course he's going to make deducing any crime scene trivial. Pros - Story - side mission - Combat Neutral - Hardcore mode is not even hardcore - Multiplayer - No enough playable character in challenge mode Cons - Bugs and glitches - Lifeless city - Some villain are disappointing - No riddles like in the previous games - Nothing really new Good game but it was a with small history maybe more next time but is good buy it now

re divertido

es muy divertido este juego entretenido y es cien por ciento recomendable

Quite enjoyable, but not as solid as Arkham City

Batman Arkham Origins is the third installment of the Batman Arkham series and the prequel story of Batman Arkham Asylum and was developed by a different team than the first two games. Although I must say that Batman AO is inferior compared to its predecessors gameplay-wise but still pretty good story-wise. I recommend you to play Batman AO if you are a fan of the Batman Arkham series, and I FULLY recommend you to get the Cold - Cold Heart DLC since it has got a really good and interesting story, as well as the bad*** new suit. TL,DR; I still quite enjoyed playing Batman AO, but I don't feel the solid gameplay that I got when I played the previous installments. Pros: + GOOD gameplay, but somehow I felt that AO has an awkward feel and controls compared to its predecessor. + GOOD story. + GOOD fighting system. Free Flow Combat with this new feature () is a huge fun. + GOOD array of gadgets, allowing you to take down enemies with your own style. + GOOD sound. + GOOD atmosphere. + GOOD graphics, better than the previous games. + GREAT characters and voice acting, the characters really felt like they are coming right out of the comics. + Detective Mode Case Reconstruction is a fun new feature but could be done better. + Dark Knight System is a good addition as well but is implemented poorly, especially the Predator System. + Batwing drop system, allowing us to Fast Travel to certain points in Gotham City. Cons: - The controls feel a bit awkward and clunky. - Most areas are just copied from Batman Arkham City maps. - More collectibles, but fewer Riddles. - Gotham City is a huge city, but the lack of any civilians feels weird to me. All I see are thugs. Is this Gotham City? or Arkham City, where all its inhabitants are criminals? - Dark Knight System Challenges should be able to be done in ANY ORDER, to avoid any missable challenge(s). - Missable predator challenge, because some of them can only be done in certain maps of the STORY mode. This is seriously annoying, especially because this game uses autosave system. Imagine if you forgot to do a 1 predator challenge, progress through the story, autosaving and BAM you just missed the opportunity, because the only area where you can do the challenge has already been finished. - Less polished, Batman AO still has many bugs, such as: -> gliding achievement sometimes not triggered, it takes a few tries. -> sometimes after the Riddler Informant was interrogated, NO new collectibles are marked on the map, and then you must run around to find ANOTHER Riddler Informant. -> sometimes predator challenges are not counted when the conditions are met, but sometimes counted when the conditions are not met. I know, I am confused as well...

could be better

as a standalone game it's a potential to be a good batman game, but as a part of the arkham series it lack innovation compare to the previous titles,gotham maybe bigger but except the use of the batwing, it feels the same as arkham city, the combat system wasnt changed at all, and the repetitive side missions cause me to stick to the main story and finish the game you could play the game as the overall series but i suggest to skip it all together

A great game that stands on his own ''two feet''.

I recommend this game for newer people to arkham series.It's an amazing path for an introduction to show players how relations between the characters evolved and to see Gotham before all the villains got their grasps on. It's a bit dissapointing (mechanic wise) the fact that for people whom already played the first two because it doesn't introduce new mechanics, however there is done a graphical improvement if we compare it to the first two, story adds a younger version of characters and a complex and enjoyable story. It was a great experience while it lasted even if it wasn't the best from what this series has to offer.My personal opinion is not to skip it if you think about playing it.

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