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Call of Juarez®: Gunslinger





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From the dust of a gold mine to the dirt of a saloon, Call of Juarez® Gunslinger is a real homage to the Wild West tales. Live the epic and violent journey of a ruthless bounty hunter onto the trail of the West’s most notorious outlaws.

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Game description

"The story keeps things slightly off-balance and constantly throws up interesting moments, while the minute-by-minute gunplay makes murdering your way through that story intensely satisfying." - PCGamer.com

"Call of Juarez: Gunslinger may be the game that cements the franchise's reputation as one of, if not the, least consistent in gaming history." - Polygon.com


From the dust of a gold mine to the dirt of a saloon, Call of Juarez® Gunslinger is a real homage to the Wild West tales. Live the epic and violent journey of a ruthless bounty hunter onto the trail of the West’s most notorious outlaws. Blurring the lines between man and myth, this adventure made of memorable encounters unveils the untold truth behind some of the greatest legends of the Old West.

Key Features:

  • Meet the legendary outlaws: Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, Jesse James… Face down the West’s most notorious gunslingers and live the untold stories behind the legends.

  • Experience a lawless land: Blaze a trail through the wilderness of the Old West and live an epic adventure through stunning Western landscapes.

  • Dispense your own justice: With a gun holster tied to your leg, become a ruthless bounty hunter on a journey made of all out gun battles.

  • Prevail in deadly gunfights: Master the art of blasting pistols, shooting rifles, dodging bullets and unleash lethal combos to gun down multiple enemies in split seconds.

  • Become the West’s finest: Choose the specific gun fighting skills you want to develop and acquire new shooting abilities to become the West’s finest gunslinger.

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Shooter, Action
Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP2
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 2Ghz
  • Ram: 2 GB
  • Video Card: Nvidia 8800GT / ATI 3850
  • Direct X: DirectX 10 compatible
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
  • HD Space: 4 GB
  • Mouse & Keyboard / X360 PC controller
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One of the best western themed shooters!


Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is undoubtedly the best one in Call of Juarez franchise and I really hope another installment of this series comes out again. Although the last one as Call of Juarez: The Cartel was not even close to this in quality, story and performance. The storytelling is really great and intriguing, it never lets you to feel lost in the course of events and always surprise you with twists, the visuals are really well designed and almost perfect for a western themed game and along with the amazing musics you, it creates a well balanced and live atmosphere for the title, the gunplay is the best part of the gameplay where you can have the ultimate fun of shooting, especially with double pistols which makes you feel like a real professional gunslinger who shoots everything and everyone who stands in his way. the duels and bullet time moments made the gameplay so unique and lovely, the weapon designs and their upgrade system is just wonderful and one of a kind! Call of Juarez: Gunslinger managed to deliver everything a FPS western shooter should have and if you missed this masterpiece by any chance till now, I suggest you get it asap and see how perfect and awesome it is!

Great and solid western shooter game.


Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is the latest game in the Call of Juarez franchise and for me the game was absolutely fun and amazing. The levels and the visuals are great, the weapons and the controls are just right and the boss system will make you feel like you're in a cowboy movie. It is true that the game is short, but its a good and well made game and for the price, you'll get enough to have fun for a couple of weeks. If you liked the previous Call of Juarez games or you like cowboys, this game is for you. Recommended.

A true western


Having only heard bad things of the previous call of juares titles, i steered clear of this title for a while... that was a mistake. When i finally picked up the game i was surprised as to how entertaining this game was, i felt like playing through the perfect spaghetti western, it has it all classic hilbilly cowboys, injuns, standoffs, dynamite and much more, and i loved every second of it. There is also a challenge game mode that takes place throughout the different levels of the game, the gamemode is challenging but very completable. Other than the challenge mode, and hidden objects in the game i didn't find the greatest replay value in the game, also the game itself is very short compared to the amazing gameplay. The story of the game is a quite standard western, story with an obvious, but very likeable surprise in the end, the storytelling however is absolutely amazing, told mainly by the loveable main character and interrupted here and there by some surrounding folk. so all in all the game is surprisingly good, but too short for it's own good.

Highly recommended to any western FPS fan


Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is kind of a short game but i don't really think it needs to be long, it does what it does really well as you go through his story and the ending i thought was great. Its an action packed arcade shooter i think older people like me will appreciate because as a kid 16 bit games were 1 to 4 hours long so i think of it that way, well worth it on steam sale get it its good. It does the arcade shooting very well , honestly i felt i had played a good 8 or ten hours of this but it was half that. A great game that is good to sit down for an evening or weekend to play through. I would have been happy paying 15$ before the sale i got it for 10 on sale though i think most people will find more value getting it on sale instead of full price.

Great action. Yet too short. Too short indeed.


I played the first two Call of Juarez games which proved to be enchanting. And this one is good, not great. The graphics is great, the way the story is told is interesting, but it's too short. You get all the outlaws and then what? You get your revenge, but this game I thought had more substance. All right, it's fun to kill hundreds of villains, but at times it's gets boring. This game is strictly for the fans. FPS fans. The first two were way better than this one.

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