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Cladun Returns: This Is Sengoku!





Set in Japan's Sengoku Era, you wake up in the mysterious land of Arcanus Cella where the souls of the dead gather as they await reincarnation.

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Game description

Set in Japan's Sengoku Era, you wake up in the mysterious land of Arcanus Cella where the souls of the dead gather as they await reincarnation. However, some souls have unfinished business that needs to be settled before they can reincarnate. As the player, you will assist these souls by traveling to real-world locations in feudal Japan and fighting your way through dangerous dungeons filled with monsters and traps.

Key Features:

Pixel-Perfect Customization - Design your character's appearance and equipment down to the individual pixel with the pixel editor! Once you're done, share the data to let other players add them to their own game!

Magic Circle Power - With the Magic Circle system, your allies can empower and protect your character! Assign artifacts and arrange them into formations to maximize your power and abilities.

Madcap Multiplayer - Team up with your friends in Co-op Mode to take on dungeons, or compete in Versus Mode to collect the most points! Speed-run lovers can also try to secure a spot in the online leaderboards by clearing dungeons as fast as possible!

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NIS America
Nippon Ichi Software
Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Digital PC Download
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Magic circles are more complex than you think!


Simplistic at first, there is quite a bit of depth that goes into building up the main protagonist in this 8 bit dungeon crawler. You end up fighting through various dungeons to free the souls of warlords or custom souls and then add them to your ranks to build up your fighting strength through magic circles. I've never played a Cladun game, so I am not sure if this is similar to the originals style of fighting, but I found it to be a unique twist to the dungeon crawl fighting system. The dungeons are short enough that it doesn't take FOREVER to get through, but it keeps the game fresh and fast moving while your souls start to advance. Make sure to keep checking out new magic circles as they are unlocked. Some of them are OP while others are useful for boss only situations.

Bit pricey but fun.


Don't get yourself fooled as this games looks like Link to the Past but it doesn't play as this Nintendo classic, I would say that game is closer to MMO than anything else. Apart from that game is fun and allows you to play in an online coop game. Apart from that it allows nice customization as you can edit sprites and create your own character which is an interesting feature. The only downside is the price, but the fun factor is strong in this one.

This is... An unexpectedly good game!


A friend purchased this for me and I actually had a lot of fun playing Cladun Returns. The art style reminded me a lot of SNES-era games, so already there's nostalgia playing on this title. Having the backdrop of feudal Japan also adds to the game's individuality and I've got to say - it looks stunning. It also has a co-op feature so you and your friends can go crazy in dungeons or versus mode, which makes for a lot of fun. The price is definitely steep, but if you're feeling adventurous, be sure to pick this game up!

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