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The beautiful, enchanted world of Driftmoon trembles in the shadow of a forgotten evil, for the dark King Ixal is again gathering his forces.

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Game description

"...the story starts off strong and gets the player involved in an intriguing adventure almost immediately. To top it all off, Driftmoon is brimming with style, character, and a great sense of humour." - I-luv-games.com

"_ delightful touch of whimsey and there's plenty of humour to be found here. How many other games would have the deadly Hoe of Doom as an early weapon? Or such wonderfully ordinary conversations with undead skeletons?_" -Bytten.com

"And it sucked me in – the sometimes hokey dialog, the whimsical characters, the skeletons who complain about rats nibbling on their bones- and it all made me care enough about it that I spent the time reading every dialog option, talk to as many characters as I could, and seek out every available side quest, lest I miss something interesting." -Indiegamereviewer.com

"_ ...absolutely excellent adventure/RPG/comedy hybrid_" -fanboydestroy.com

The beautiful, enchanted world of Driftmoon trembles in the shadow of a forgotten evil, for the dark King Ixal is again gathering his forces.

Hope lies in an unlikely alliance: A young man joins forces with a little firefly dreaming of stardom, a panther queen with the ego of a moon whale, and a very determined fellow who's lost everything but his bones, and still hasn't given up. Knowing nothing of the amazing adventures and the fearsome foes that await them, the party embarks on a journey like no other.

Driftmoon is an adventure-roleplaying game, full of exploration, smiles and surprises, captivating stories and quests, charming characters, and countless delightful details.

  • The Legend - There were still some who remembered, some who believed. Most of Driftmoon had once fallen into terrible slavery and despair, but the memories of those days had almost faded away. You knew nothing of the Dark King Ixal, or of your family's mysterious past, but you were soon about to find out...

  • Adventure - Experience a grand adventure and many fascinating quests, as you strive to unite the forces of good, and fight the dark powers threatening to enslave the whole of Driftmoon.

  • Enchanting world - The world of Driftmoon is filled with personality, wit and goodwill! Explore the dungeons, wilderness and villages of Driftmoon: You'll discover hidden places, treasures, quirky characters, quests, puzzles, unique magical items, secret doors, artifacts, and more.

  • Friends & Foes - Fight the forces of evil and meet charismatic and personal creatures, some of which may accompany you on your quest. The inhabitants of Driftmoon have distinct personalities, histories, humour, and abilities.

  • Character Development - Learn many impressive and powerful skills: Your choices will affect your possibilities, when facing foes or travelling the world.

  • Rich Soundscape - Carefully constructed sound effects, and atmospheric background ambience. Including a memorable and melodic soundtrack by the talented Gareth Meek.

  • Powerful editor and one-click mod installation - Driftmoon comes with the full editor tools used to create the game, and the possibility to play mods created by other users. The editor includes an easy scripting language, animation tools, and a great level editor with numerous possibilities!

  • Adjustable Text Size - Can't read tiny text? No problem! You can freely change the text size in Driftmoon.


  • Fully grown, well behaved adventure-RPG with a charming personality!

  • 10-30 hours of grand adventure! (plus mods)

  • Powerful editor and one-click mod installation

  • Comes with Fizz, the hyperactive firefly lamp!

  • Light Boots: Leave glowing footprints!

  • Includes a Steampunk Submarine!

  • Evil undead mages, magic staves and more!

  • Time travel paradoxes!

  • Monsters!

  • Full of Surprises!

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Instant Kingdom
Instant Kingdom
Indie, RPGs
Friday, January 3, 2014
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Driftmoon

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It's not about the graphics


It's about the gameplay. This little game really surprised me. Looking at it, it doesn't really look all that special. In fact I would probably call the graphics "acceptable" at best. But what this game may lack in visual appeal, it more than makes up for in gameplay. This is one of those games that hooks you from the first few minutes, and keeps you on the hook until the very end. It sticks to a very simple formula, and never tries to be what it isn't. It's not an extremely long game, but you definitely get your money's worth with this little gem. It's well worth your time.

A Fun Little Treasure


I played this in about 8 hours. It's a nice adventure games with a quirkiness that I really enjoyed. The humor was just right. Game mechanics were user friendly. I haven't had a chance to play with the mod system, but I'm glad one is available for creating your own adventures. There's even a touch of romance.



Yep, it's Notrium made into a full RPG. Yep, it's better than Notrium. If you're hesitant to grab this, go pick up Notrium for free, play it a little, Driftmoon is similar yet totally different. It's got a great feel to it too, the environments are very deep and involving, graphically and design wise. Combat is simplistic yet still enjoyable, it's fluid and fun with good pacing. I do like the survival mechanics also, along with more fun mechanics on unique items (Ghost's Boots leave ghostly footprints making it really easy to find which rooms you've been in!). Lots of humour throughout also, very funny game. Pick it up definitely if you want to sink a few hours into a great involving adventure.

Drift Away...


An interesting fantasy style RPG where you meet several interesting characters and explore on a journey. The top down view of Driftworld offers various landscapes, landmarks and areas to explore. A nice little adventure.

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