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Dungeon Siege® combines the immersive elements of a role-playing game with over-the-top intensity and non-stop action. Dungeon Siege plunges you into a continuous 3D fantasy world where you face off against an army of evil that has been unleashed.

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Game description

Dungeon Siege® combines the immersive elements of a role-playing game with over-the-top intensity and non-stop action. Dungeon Siege plunges you into a continuous 3D fantasy world where you face off against an army of evil that has been unleashed.

You begin as a humble farmer, and as you travel through the world and gain new skills, you can gather a party of up to eight characters to aid you. Dungeon Siege impels the player into one over-the-top battle after the other as the storyline unfolds and a larger plot begins to reveal itself.

A world of adventure where you can explore sprawling landscapes in a seamlessly unfolding story awaits...

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Square Enix
Gas Powered Game
Square Enix
Friday, April 5, 2002
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP1 or newer
  • Processor: 333 MHz or faster processor
  • RAM: 128 MB of system RAM
  • HDD Space: 1.5 GB available hard disk space
  • Video Card: 8MB
  • Driver version 270.51 or greater is required for Nvidia-based graphics cards. AMD graphics card owners may need to run in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode.
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Dungeon Siege

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Great classic game!


Every so often, I find myself loading this game up once again, to re-live what was one of the greatest gaming experiences of it's time. I'll never forget the first time I played this game, and the amazement I felt being able to rotate the screen in all directions. Add to that the amazing graphics, and fun story line, and I was completely hooked. I love 3rd person adventure games, and this is one of the very best. From the very first scene on your little farm, you realize just how good this game is going to be. Sure, there are things about this game that aren't perfect (like getting your dumb pack mules to stop running off, or getting in the way), but these little irritations can't take away from an over-all great experience. One of the best things about this game, is the ability to choose how each of your characters will develop. You can make any of your characters specialize in any (or all) of the different paths available. You can have a character who is a master in archery (and pretty much ignore putting stats in all other fields), or you can go for a jack-of-all-trades, who evenly divides their stats among all the different fields. Every character is yours to control! At time the difficulty of this game can be very challenging (especially with boss fights, like that giant robot), but there are always plenty of less-challenging enemies to help you level up to better handle the boss battles. As you can tell, I highly recommend this game. If you've never tried it, you owe it to yourself to give it a go. BTW, if you want a real challenge, try playing this game with only a single character.

Old school RPG.


It has certain limitations, such as the linear story that can't be avoided and some repetitive hack'n'slash quests, but the main story isn't actually bad. You take the lead of a party of heroes that start an adventure in the Kingdom of Ehb. The game, linear as it is, still offers co-op multiplayer over LAN, which is actually fun to play. All-in-all, it's a dungeon-crawler/linear RPG with a lot of hack'n'slash. A decent game nevertheless.

Mediocre Diablo clone


The cover of the game and the net gameplay looked cool, so I decided to buy the game.This is an average game and an entrance for non RPG gamers to sniff a little bit of new wave ''RPG''. This is not an RPG but an average action game with epic based characters. I tried to like it but there was nothing to hold on to as the game gone by. An average graphics/sound/gameplay and dissapointing story and character creation/upgrade.

Old School RPG


Dungeon siege is an old game but will always be one of my favourite RPG games. Buying this game years on, I was surprised how decent the graphics are. The enticing music and gameplay would make up for the game's age anyway! There are a wide variety of enemies to face across a diverse range of landscapes. The levelling/unlocking system is basic but makes you want to continue playing to become stronger. The game is easy to control and progressing is straightforward. The ability to recruit multiple playable characters into a party is a unique part of dungeon siege as you can make tactics based on different player classes. It is a shame the multiplayer function is disabled now but this game is definitely still worth getting for any RPG fan.

Good game, was great on its time


Dungeon Siege may not make much impression now, but on its time it was a great hack&slash with some unique features. There was no loadings, only a rich and large world to explore. And worth exploring, though game was mostly linear with not so much places to visit outside main story. What was other new, at that time, thing was lack of character class - player itselfs forge his hero, making him warrior, mage or rogue/ranger by playing how he prefers - in Dungeon Siege it was waepons that level up by simply being used (however, it was more like waepon class that levels up and not a individual item itself: no matter if you use short bow, long bow or other range waepon - you still level up the same statistic). The same goes with magic. You could make a small party of heroes and even get an donkey to carry stuff you currently doesn't use. Too bad that game at some point essentially plays itself as you can automate many things, from attacking enemies to picking up loot. Still - a very good classic worth playing.

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