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Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition





Welcome Back to New Vegas!

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Game description

Welcome Back to New Vegas!

With the introduction of the Ultimate Edition, Bethesda Softworks offers you the chance to double-down and get the complete package of New Vegas fun. For the first time in one package, you can get all the Fallout: New Vegas content including the full suite of highly acclaimed add-on content: Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road. To sweeten the pot, you’ll be armed with the latest cache of unique weapons, ammo types and recipes from the most recent add-on packs: Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners Arsenal. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer of the Mojave or playing the game for the first time, you’ll find there are more friends and enemies to make, more consequences to your actions and more opportunities to live in glory or infamy throughout the Wasteland. The choices you make will be as crucial to your survival as ever.

Key Features:

  • Beyond the Wasteland:

    The world of New Vegas is more expansive than ever. Each new distinct area presents a fresh set of branching-quests, remarkable personalities and more chances to play the Savior or the Pariah to the natives of New Vegas.

  • Shiny New Toys:

    Each add-on pack increases the mountain of armaments already at your disposal. Whether you’re an in-your-face brawler or a long-range gunner, weapons such as the Two-Step Goodbye (unique ballistic fists) or Sleepytime (a handy 10mm Sub-Machinegun) will give that warmonger in you a chance to flex your ammo-filled muscles.

  • Room to Grow:

    With each of the four main add-on packs, the maximum levelcap is increased by 5 levels, ultimately raising the ceiling to Level 50.


  • Dead Money:

    Lured into a trap masquerading as the Sierra Madre Casino, you are thrown into a high stakes game where you’ll have to work with three other lost souls if you want to survive.

  • Honest Hearts:

    An expedition into Utah’s Zion National Park goes horribly wrong and you become embroiled in a war between tribes and put into a conflict between a New Canaanite missionary and the mysterious Burning Man.

  • Old World Blues:

    Transported to the Big MT research crater, you are enlisted by the Think Tank to save them from their own science experiments that have gone horribly out of control.

  • Lonesome Road:

    Ulysses, the original Courier Six, contacts you and promises to answer why he refused to deliver the Platinum Chip at the start of Fallout: New Vegas, but only if you make one last journey into the treacherous canyons of the Divide.

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Bethesda Softworks
Obsidian Entertainment
Action, RPGs
Friday, February 24, 2012
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 10GB free space
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6 series, ATI 1300XT series
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition

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Vanilla alright, excellent community


Fallout: New Vegas isn't too terribly bad, it does alright. There are some aspects in which it could be improved, such as a larger map and more variety between location, but other than that it does the franchise justice. To help, if you're like me and get bored easily and quickly, there is an excellent community of modders for the game that make it more fun when you need something new (I recommend Fallout: Who Vegas)

Could and couldn't be better.


Fallout New Vegas is one of those few absolute gems that go unnoticed at first glance. It's unattractive at first but goes a long way once you go for it. The game is based on a world 200 years after a nuclear world war, in which you are a courier that's been sent to deliver a package. You are intercepted by someone and shot in the head. But you survive, and you start there your journey to find whoever shot you and, like in most western movies, go and shoot him back. In your journey you'll find your fair share of "consequences of nuclear war", the radiation, the hunger, the destruction, the gangs of raiders, and most of all, the dangers of radiation mutation on the wildlife. The title of this review pretty much sums up the game's state. What could be better? It's an old-looking game that seems rushed in some areas (it was by the way, the devs couldn't finish it up in time and Bethesda didn't give them additional time). The major faction of Ceasar's legion could have a lot more work put into it, some areas are a bit more barren than others (which almost makes more sense considering it's a post-apocalyptic world). Then there's the game's engine and the poor decisions. The engine is fine but the graphics are dated and a lot of people wouldn't like it based on this alone. The game comes with its fair share of glitches because of the engine itself and some saves can end up being "bug galore" because of the state their game is in. Then there's the loading. The game was optimized for the PS3 and the Xbox 360, so naturally open empty areas are great but when you get to clutter zones like the Strip, you gotta go through a lot of doors and loading zones. It's pretty discouraging, specially if your game file is large and the loading times get a bit too long. And speaking of game files, don't let them be too big, because it may end up making your file unplayable. All of this can be fixed with mods though, so if you put in some hours in installing them your experience will improve massively. What couldn't be better? The game, once you fix or ignore all the statements above, is a gorgeously crafted game. The most factions are very unique and interesting, there are a lot of interesting characters and the game is packed with a lot of missions, many with multiple branching paths. Some missions even go as far as to give 5 or 6 possible endings, giving you the choice to be the good guy, the bad guy, the psycho, the smooth talker, etc. The wasteland is an interesting place with a lot of landmarks, both big and small, and is packed with content, making it feel much more massive than what the sandbox actually is, and it uses fairly interesting ways to guide you through a concrete path despite the open-world aspect. The weapons and gear are also very widespread, giving the player the freedom to chose how they want to play, so you can make a character that takes his time with silent weapons, an unarmed psycho that puts his fists in front of the biggest enemies, or the straight out Rambo, who chooses to use his strength to shoot with massive weapons. The music is amazing as well, giving you a pretty good feeling overall, both with or without the radio. When your radio is turned off, you can hear the ambient music and sounds that accompany the game's tense or calm moments, immersing you into feeling many emotions, from adrenaline to straight up fear in some cases. And when the radio is turned on, you can play the game while listening to some great tunes that accompany the western feel of the game. Many tracks from old times can be heard, like "Lazy day Blues" or "Heartaches by the numbers". Although more than once you'll end up hearing the now infamous "Johnny Guitar" tune, which has been stuck in the head of the community because of its constant appearance on the radio. All in all, Fallout New Vegas has been the peak of the Fallout franchise for a big chunk of the community. It has its fair share of fixable problems (on PC), but at the end of the day, it can give most players a unique and truly enjoyable experience. Fallout New Vegas is worth every penny.

A great Spin off for a Great Franchise!


Fallout is the title that pushed the boundaries of RPG games. Fallout: New Vegas was a spin off to the series but it was somewhat so fresh and huge, which despite of many similarities to the previous version it was so different and turned out to be an excellent game by itself! The main difference of Fallout New Vegas is in the gameplay and narrative of its story. Because the principle of the story still complies that the world has always been destroyed and It is dark and a complete wasteland and this is the truth of the game's world . The gameplay is very similar to Fallout 3 but with a lot more RPG elements and Undoubtedly, the experience of Fallout: New Vegas will be enjoyable for all fans of this genre, and especially this franchise.

The best edition for the best Fallout game


Fallout: New vegas Ultimate edition is, without a doubt, the best Fallout game ever created. This version comes with the main game and all the released DLC's. Obsidian really created a gem of a game with New Vegas, expanding and exploring the lore of the Fallout franchise in a new way that Bethesda didn't. There is so much to do and discover in the Mojave Wasteland, you as the courier and the people that you meet in your journey. All the DLC's are worthwhile a rich in gameplay, originality, lore and quality. If you haven't tried Fallout New Vegas before, you really should do it now. Recommended.



Fallout New Vegas is one of my favorite game on its era. The world is extremely well thought out, people act like people. Every nook and cranny of this game is written to feel alive and it does so with excellence. The RPG systems allow a wide diversity in ways you can play your character in very unique ways. Overall, I say that this is the best Fallout game released by Bethesda.

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