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Ironclads Collection





This Pack includes: Ironclads: High Seas, Ironclads: Anglo Russian War 1866, Ironclads: Schleswig War 1864, Ironclads: Chincha Islands War 1866 and FREE Bonus Ironclads: American Civil War.

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Game description

This Pack includes:


  • Ironclads: High Seas

    For over a year the forces of the United States of America (Northern States) and the Confederates States of America (Southern States) have fought a bitter war. Choose a side, build a fleet and destroy the enemy.

  • Ironclads: Anglo Russian War 1866

    Russia sought to seize control of Constantinople. The city controlled the Black Sea straits, an important economic and strategic point of the Black and Mediterranean Sea. Two objectives of the Royal Navy were to destroy the Russian squadron in the North Sea and the establishment of a full blockade of the North.

  • Ironclads: Schleswig War 1864

    The Danish government wanted to annex the duchy of Schleswig to the Danish kingdom while the Prussian government, for internal political and strategic reasons, wanted Schleswig to finally became a part of Germany.

  • Ironclads: Chincha Islands War 1866

    Spain tried to restore its influence by force on its former colonies, Chile and Peru. This strong Spanish squadron occupied the Chincha Islands, very important to the economy of Peru. The Spaniards decided to use a weakening of the allies to send a new fleet to South America. The opposing forces gathered strength for the decisive battle of the Chincha Islands.

  • Ironclads: American Civil War

    The naval simulator based on historical documents and accounts of real battles; 3D models of the warships are based on original drawings from archives. Use of real stats of the warships; calculations of collisions between ships, flooding and capsizing, shell modelling; use of a special ballistic calculator. Battles between armoured squadrons of steamships and other vessels. The flow of time is organized into rounds (turn-based). FREE bonus: 3d Interactive media programs Civil War Ironclads + Spanish-American War Warships.

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Strategy First
Strategy First
Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS Windows (32bit) XP / Vista / 7
  • DirectX 9.0C
  • Processor 1.1 GHz or better
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Videocard: 128 MB GeForce 6600 / RADEON 9600 or better
  • Sound card: compatible with DirectX 16-bit
Recommended Requirements

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It sinks


Ironclads Collection is something that you only get for free, play for 10-20 minutes and regret the money you never spent on it in the first place. One game of Ironclads is bad, but here you have 5 times more. All five games in this collection share the same problems - bad graphics, horrible controls, really bad, painful sound effects and soundtrack, cheating enemy AI (sometimes it has three moves in one turn instead of one) and it is extremely buggy, with turns hanging up or the game freezing. It feels more like something from early access, just thrown in alpha version and abandoned. There was nice idea behind it, but if you want nice vessel battles, you're better off playing Assassin's Creed 3 or 4, not this.

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