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All creatures of ancient myth, legend and lore are real — they've just been sealed away for thousands of years inside Pandora's Box, waiting...

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Game description

All creatures of ancient myth, legend and lore are real — they've just been sealed away for thousands of years inside Pandora's Box, waiting...

When a thief named Deckard is hired to steal an ancient artifact, he unwittingly triggers a war between man and myth.

Griffons rule the skies, Werewolves tear the innocent limb from limb and cities are held under siege as creatures we'd dismissed as imaginings of our ancestors prove to be very real and very angry for being held prisoner for untold millennia.

As the only person able to return these creatures to the box, Deckard finds that he must work with a shadowy secret society to save civilization before it is torn apart by tooth and claw.

Key Features:

  • A mythical first person shooter set in an unprepared, modern world.

    A massive blockbuster movie experience — society collapses around you as man and machine take on beasts of legend in spectacular battle.

  • Awe-inspiring fire-fights where high caliber ordinance meets beak, talon, fang and claw.

  • Dynamic environments crumble around you as you and your enemies tear a living, breathing environment apart in your battle to stay alive.

  • Devastation realized on an unprecedented scale. See London burn to the ground and witness New York torn apart through spectacular supernatural destruction.

  • The enemy of your enemy is your enemy — witness and take part in three way battles as you combat the supernatural as well as the militant arm of an age old clandestine organization who prove to be a formidable opponent and adequate prey for the armies of mythical beasts.

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Missing Link LLC
Spark Unlimited
Monday, December 1, 2008
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
  • Processor: 2.0+ GHZ Single Core Processor
  • Memory: 512MB of System RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia 6200+ or ATI Radeon 9600+ Video Card
  • Hard Drive: 10GB of Free Hard Drive Space
Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
  • Processor: 2.4+ GHZ Dual Core Processor
  • Memory: 1GB of System RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia 7800GTX+ or ATI x1300+ Video Card
  • Hard Drive: 10GB of Free Hard Drive Space

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Reviews for Legendary

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If you like these sort of magic/shooter type games it's perfect


I remember this game on console i liked it a lot it was very unique in its story so i bought it again on steam. it wont win an award for anything but the story alone is what made me but it again and the music used is not bad either. I wish more games were available that pitted you up against these types of creatures in first person view, a modern society tasked with hunting down creatures that threaten people. then again that would probably just be Supernatural: the game .

With great expectations comes great disappointment


I've finished Legendary's campaign in one day yet I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially sense I went into this game without any expectation. It has decent Fps gameplay but we don't talk about the story. And at several moments it is excellent and at others it sucked (such as the start) but If you find it on I sale it could definitely be worth it (if you don't have any expectations)

Had Promise, But Failed in Execution


I really wanted to like this game as the concept of mythical beasts terrorizing the world seemed awesome. But the game is just so dark and generic, that it just isn't very fun. The graphics are drab and monotone, with nothing ever really standing out. The beasts are more or less just werewolves and griffons, with occasional annoying pixies. The game plays fine, but just never succeeds in embracing the greatness it could have achieved. It also just ends all of a sudden, like the developers thought it was going to be a smash hit and was going to get sequels. There's no ending, and no final boss fight. It's also very short. There's far better games out there, but considering this games very low price, I'd say go for it anyway. There's far worse games you could waste $3 on. At least this one deserves your attention over the simulators and greenlight shovelware.

Legendary is legendary for being overhyped and underwhelming


Legendary is certainly a legendary game. It was hyped up a lot, with its developers praising how advanced and brilliant its features were. What we got however was a fairly generic game with an interesting paintjob and a few good ideas sprinkled here and there. Legendary is a first person shooter where you fight off against various monsters from different legends. You also have some superpowers to help break up the monotony, namely the power to heal yourself, as long as you have enough mana. This seems like a good idea, but the gameplay is brought down by the enemies, which are fairly generic and at times braindead, a far cry from what was promised. One of the only things praiseworthy about the enemies is the fact that certain enemies need to be finished off by decapitation in order to kill them for good. This is a novel concept for a shooter game, but not all that unique when comparing Legendary to other games of different genres. Legendary is legendary in its mediocrity. It might be worth a buy if you can get it on sale for dirt cheap, but if you can’t you’d be better off playing most other games.

Decent Budget FPS With Some Good Ideas


Legendary is a decent budget FPS, but I cannot in good conscience recommend it with a game breaking bug in the last level that requires noclip mode to get past. I also had to glitch through one of the bosses by hiding in a corner behind some rubble, because it was seemingly impossible to dodge its attacks while it absorbed entire clips from a machine gun without flinching. It is a shame because the game has a lot of unrealized potential and some stunning visuals at times, despite an overall cheap feel. The very first level sees an epic cataclysm unfurl in the middle of a rush hour stricken New York City. The protagonist makes his way through a maze of abandoned vehicles as all around griffons are swooping down from the sky to snatch running civilians and giant golems are smashing through skyscrapers. All of this wanton destruction sounds and looks amazing, until you realize it is all scripted and the player is in no danger. Furthermore, proceeding requires the player to stand in a specific spot that often looks like a dead end and wait for the scripted events to unlock the way forward. There are some good ideas and fun here, if you are willing to overlook the early 2000's budget feel of the game and pick it up at a steep discount, but there are definitely better ways to spend one’s time.

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