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Game description

Almost a lifetime ago, Lily´s grandfather was a famous archeologist. Since he was a young boy, he was digging for hidden gems around the world. Lily enters her grandfather's footsteps as a young archeologist. Her epic quest for the ultimate treasure, fame and glory begins in a small town, below the garden of their own house. "Lily´s Epic Quest" is an innovative enhancement to the match-3 genre. Next to known match-3 mechanics, you clear a path for Lily through different ground layers. Removing blocks will make space for Lily´s path towards the center of the earth.

Explore eight magical worlds on your search for rare gems and artifacts and find over 200 collectables. Some of the gems and artifacts are common and others are very rare. It is up to you to collect them all. The game offers traditional match3 principles but with a free roaming playfield. The player decides where to dig for gems or how to solve 115 puzzles. Additional tools will offer more options and provide access to new parts of the world.


  • Match 3 with free roaming playfield!
  • Explore eight beautiful magical worlds and 115 puzzles
  • More than 200 treasures and helpful items
  • Hidden doors and powerful tools such as power-drills and dynamite
  • Exciting minigames included
Game info
  • 65

  • Rating
Studio Craft Development
Monday, August 15, 2016
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Reviews for Lily´s Epic Quest

Paced Puzzle Game

I love this game, it combines alot of element in other games, but amps up the difficulty up a notch. For example there are levels where you have to find tresures but you have not hints on where to dig, you have to find the items that you use to find where the tresure is, and you have to do this in a limited number of moves.

Slow-paced puzzle game

This is a slow-paced puzzle game using match 3 type of gameplay. The levels alternate between a few goals like find x amount of treasure, reach a certain depth or find hidden doorways. There's no time limit but you get a limited amount of moves. I've come across 4 different special abilities to help with exploration and some blocks when used in a match give extra moves. Your pick gets stronger over time so you can dig deeper but the gameplay remains basically the same. Dig, dig and dig some more. Some worlds have special areas you can unlock for daily games of chance like spin-the-wheel. One of these was locked until I found a secret door on a different level which was a little unclear at first. There was also a npc that unlocked a new area in exchange for treasures. I asumed I needed to do so to move on but the new area was too hard to do without leveling up some and I still don't know how much of my money he actually took. A few things like this are unexplained. I enjoyed looking for treasures and trying to complete the collections but Lily's slow pace can be a little frustrating especially if you have to backtrack a lot to find another path to your goal. Also it can take a long time to finally be able to carry two specials at once which becomes almost necessary in levels that block your progress with rocks that can't be dug out normally. Overall score: 6/10

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