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An intense cyberpunk RPG on the red planet! Mars War Logs takes you to Mars, nearly a century after the cataclysm that threw the planet and its colonists into chaos.

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Game description

An intense cyberpunk RPG on the red planet!

Mars War Logs takes you to Mars, nearly a century after the cataclysm that threw the planet and its colonists into chaos. Water has become the most precious resource on the arid red planet, with a few companies fighting a perpetual war for its control.

In the middle of this struggle, play as Roy, a renegade with multiple talents who finds himself dragged in an epic story where every choice counts. Develop your character and your combat style by choosing among many skills and perks: melee, ranged combat, stealth, or the devastating Technomants powers. Craft armors and weapons, recruit companions to help you in your quest, and plunge in a thrilling adventure offering a huge variety of quests. In dynamic, real-time combat, face formidable opponents and the most fearsome creatures of Mars. The fate of all colonies of Mars now lies in your hands…

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Focus Home Interactive
Spiders Game Weavers
Indie, Action
Friday, April 26, 2013
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP SP3/ Windows Vista SP2/ Windows 7/ Windows 8
  • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.2 GHZ
  • RAM Memory: 2048 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 3 GB
  • Internet connection required for the game activation
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Reviews for Mars: War Logs

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Decent, worth a go when on sale


Mars:War Logs is a reasonably unique entry to the 3rd person action genre. The story is a bit cheesy at times and the acting is somewhat hammy, but it pulled me along enough to finish the game, even if I wasn't rushing back to start a new game. Combat is different to most action games, you rely heavily on melee weaponry, with only 1 ranged weapon (not including bombs/powers). This is executed well, although it can take some getting used to; you are much weaker than most enemies for the early part of the game and need to practice dodging and parrying to gain an advantage. It can be quite brutal at first so it's not recommended for those who prefer to mash buttons to kill everything in sight! You gain access to technomancer powers partway through the game, which opens up a new side of the game and makes it a lot more fun. Your powers and abilities can be freely chosen among the combat, stealth, and technomancer trees. This lets you build in the way that suits your play style. The RPG elements are not as strong as other games but do give you the ability to tailor your character as you see fit. Overall it's a not half bad game, if you like the post-industrial Mars vibe (think Red faction-ish) you may get a kick out of the game. It feels a lot like an 80's sci-fi flick at times, and that's not a bad thing in my opinion! Probably worth waiting for a sale unless you are confident you'll like it!

Mars: War Logs - review


This game has taken a little 'atmosphere of Red Faction, a little more' post-apocalyptic Rage, a little bit of Mass Effect. It is an action-RPG, the plot involves us in the shoes of a prisoner between conspiracies, political struggles and opposing factions. The game world is sadly aseptic, with whole neighborhoods full of people where it is impossible to interact with NPCs, the same speakers present to open from the beginning to the end of the game and the exact same materials as loot. The weapons are very few and in fact are all kind of blunt (clubs, bars of iron), also modifying them with pieces found around. The enemy intelligence is poor, to combat lack a sense of progression throughout the entire game, you fight in the same way and with very few variations. If you loved the atmosphere of the various Red Faction and do not disdain strongly oriented on fighting melee, the game may be of interest.

It's... different


I think that the game studio was a little too ambitious and rushed development of this game, some aspects of it are far too easy, and there are quite a few bugs... it's worth a play but certainly not amazing.

A very pleasant surprise!


Mars: Wars Logs was a real surprise for me. Being only $20 on release and being from an unknown developer, I went in not expecting much, but I'm happy to say this game was worth it beyond expectation. Fans of good RPG's shouldn't be disappointing. You'll get an interesting story, great graphics, talent/skill upgrade paths and a really decent equipment upgrade/crafting system. Also the combat in this game is really well done IMO. At first it looks like a bit of a button masher, but once you get the hang of evading attacked, using skills/weapons during the fight and even throwing sand in your opponents eyes, it gets really fun. IMO its similar to the combat in the Batman: Arkham games, but maybe not quite as fluid or seamless. Oh and Technomancy is too much fun. Throwing chain lightning into a mob of guards never gets old! Only downside is there wasn't much to spend Serum (money) on in the end, and I wish there were more outfit options discovered along the way, but those are only minor faults. Fingers crossed we get a sequel before too long.

Ambitious But Avarage


Mars: War Logs is surprisingly ambitious game with some really good ideas but falls short in execution at the end of the day. First of all, an idea of an RPG sets in Mars is really interesting since there isn't a lot of title takes us there. Overall atmosphere is cool and the "plot" is somewhat intriguing with all those conflicts, conspiracies and myths going around Mars. Almost makes you feel in the game. But the story is a bit flimsy, and even though there are some interesting and funny conversations the quality of voice acting is way below mediocre even for an indie title which destroys the immersion at very key moments. On the other hand, character interactions are good and even amusing sometimes. Also you can clearly feel that the choices you made effect the game. Not only by conversations but also the way you choose to handle enemies. Combat resembles Witcher 2. It's harsh and unforgiving at times. But lacks depth, polish and fluidness. On the other side the crafting system allows you to enhance the effects and appearance of the armors and weapons that you use with the materials that you can find around, which is a really good thing. But don't expect a deep system here. There are also some useful bunch of abilities to unlock while levelling. There's even a stealth approach that is viable every now and then. But overall; the combat get repetitive after a short while. While animations are subpar the game looks good enough to convince you that you are in Mars. Environments aren't vast or full of rich details but they are well-crafted in general. Given the game's price the minor issues can be forgiven here. This is not a triple-A title after all. But overall it's satisfying. Talking about content, the game offers around 9-10 hours of avarage gameplay including most of the side quests, which is not great for RPG-standards maybe but is good enough for today's gaming climate. On the other hand quality of this content is a mixed bag. While some of the quests are fun and straightforward, some of them are really tedious that include a lot of boring backtracking or searching through numerous piles of garbage hidden around. Lack of quality writing for majority of the side-quests makes you skip most of them after a while. Like i said before, Mars: War Logs is an ambitious game that trying to gather all good elements from Action and RPG blockbusters but falls short in execution that lacks depth and optimization in many of its features, But its still not a bad game. There is still something worthwhile here. Like its convincing sci-fi atmosphere with slight cyberpunk sauce... If you are into this wait for a nice discount.

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