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Please, Don't Touch Anything





Please, Don’t Touch Anything is a cryptic, brain-racking button-pushing simulation.

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Game description

“At a time when I'm feeling a bit exhausted by half-finished behemoths, all with tangled lists of planned features, unfolding Please, Don't Touch Anything's little machine was pleasantly isolating and captivating.” 7/10 – PC Gamer

“I originally decided to give this game a quick look before bedtime and ended up 2 hours later hunched over the computer in dim lamp light surrounded by hastily scribbled out math.” 8/10 – TechRaptor

“Only once in a blue moon do the stars align to bring us a game as well-crafted and meaningful as Please, Don't Touch Anything.” 8.5/10 – GameGrin

Please, Don’t Touch Anything is a cryptic, brain-racking button-pushing simulation.

Covering for a colleague who is taking a bathroom break, you find yourself in front of a mysterious panel which only component is a red button. And since you’ve clearly been instructed not to touch anything, the only thing you want to do now is push that damn button.

Push it and expect to be held liable for any unintended aftermath. And there will be many.

Key features:

  • Devious enigmas

  • Singular pixel art

  • Atmospheric chiptune soundtrack

  • Steam Cards

  • Achievements

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Plug-in Digital
Thursday, March 26, 2015
English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Processor: Any processor with at least 1.0GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Any card with at least 128MB
  • Hard Drive: 27 MB available space
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Please, Don't Touch Anything

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A fun Gameplay in point and click genre!


Creators of the game with the pixel graphics have made every effort to simplify the game. As a result, you will not find any graphical features in the process of reaching the endpoints. Of course, this is not expected from the game; the simplicity is the main part of "Please Do not Touch Anything" development algorithm. PDTA's simplicity has also spread to the classical sound of the game. The sound range of the various elements on the panel is summarized by a few items and simple sounds. Along with the sound of the buttons, rocket launcher and single-engine aircraft, the game also includes other small sounds. Along with the soundtrack, as reaches in each ending, PDTA gets a new harmony. For example, with the appearance of a peculiar creature on the panel, we are witnessing a change in the atmosphere of the game and playing a song with a science fiction theme. "Don't Touch Anything" is one of the great options for puzzle enthusiasts. However, the game is packed with mostly simple puzzles without any complications, and the developers have not made any effort to provide explanations about the background of the secret panel. Despite the ambiguity of the reasons for any of the game's events, the "Do not Touch Anything" still has a great value to experience the riddles.

I wish i was smarter


This game is really clever, and unfortunately, for that i didn't get very far in it :/ Apart from that, i really liked it, i kinda felt like i was covering for Homer Simpson, only, i never imagined that world would be better off with Homer than me. Crap... Anyway, this seems like a rather simple game, but is has so many layers, i actually don't know how deep it goes, but for this price, it should be in everyone's collection.

Fun puzzle game!


Please Don't Touch Anything is a puzzle game, where the goal is to literally touch everything. There are many cryptic hints that help you get to the various endings, but it's only a matter of time before you pull up a guide to get the endings :) It's a very short and refreshing game that makes your brain work, games that we need more of. Each ending is interesting, and make you smile(like the illuminati one). Definitely worth a play!

Good and qwirky puzzle game


Fantastic puzzle game that is not your typical puzzle game. Starting out slow but once you figure out how the game gives you hints you'll be well on your way. There is a fantastic soundtrack and music asthetic that adds greatly to the tone and feel of ?what the hell am I doing?!? Can't say much more without spoiling much but also there is a sense of humor in some of the puzzles that will either make you giggle like a mad man or start angrily yelling at this plain control panel with a red button, which by the way you shouldn't touch. Overall, a great and funny puzzle game!

Nice indie game


Please, Don't Touch Anything is a sort of puzzle game. Think of it as something in between Papers, Please and Stanley Parable. It is a breath of fresh air for the indie genre and it feels good to play this game. There are multiple endings and it is enough to keep you interested while also confused. I had lot of fun with that. The graphics are pixel-style and nice, they feel good. The music is also immersive to go along with. It is a small sized game and there aren't any bugs apparently. This game is nice, my opinion is that it should be played for a bit of fun off and on. I'd say give this a go for something new to try out and it this price, it is worth it. 9/10.

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