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Port Royale 3 – Gold Edition contains the full version of the multiple award-winning strategy game, Port Royale 3, as well as the official expansion pack, Treasure Island.

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Game description

Port Royale 3 Gold contains:

  • Port Royale 3

  • Port Royale 3: Harbour Master DLC

  • Port Royale 3: Dawn of Pirates DLC

  • Port Royale 3: New Adventures DLC

Port Royale 3 – Gold Edition contains the full version of the multiple award-winning strategy game, Port Royale 3, as well as the official expansion pack, Treasure Island. Players will embark on an epic adventure through the Caribbean during the turbulent 17th Century where the naval powers of Spain, England, France and the Netherlands fight for supremacy in the colonies. Take on the role of a young captain trying to build his fortune and reputation in the new world colonies where three expansive campaigns offer three different paths for the young protagonist to follow: adventurer, trader and pirate.

For those eager to stretch their skills further there is the scenario mode where players will find several demanding challenges in the fields of trade, adventure and piracy. Additionally, following the successful completion of a scenario, each player will receive a score based on their performance, which can be compared to other Port Royale 3 players in the online rankings.

Key Features:

  • Three unique single-player campaigns: the trader’s campaign, the adventurer’s campaign and the pirate’s campaign

  • Exciting naval battles, plundering and invasions await adventurous players, while immeasurable wealth and power are waiting for trade-oriented players

  • 16 different ship types, such as the powerful Galleon or versatile Frigates

  • Huge gameplay map with 60 completely different towns, from Port-au-Prince to Tortuga

  • Competitive multiplayer mode for up to four players (PC version only)

  • A comprehensive trade system, with supply and demand dynamically setting the price of goods and wares, like in the real world

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Kalypso Media
Gaming Minds
Action, Strategy
Friday, August 30, 2013
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • RAM: 2,048 MB
  • Hard Drive Memory: 3,000 MB
  • Graphics Memory: 256 MB
Recommended Requirements

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Good Game


As Port Royale 2, also this is a real good game! A lot of new features, the graphics are nice, every town looks different, that makes it marvellous! The creation of trading routes is much more better that in port royale 2! The campaigns are ok, but they are more to see as tutorials. The most lovely thing for me is that you can annex the towns now for you self, and the town assault is also better now as in port royale 2, where you had to destroy this stupid towers in the water. But there also a lot of features in the game that I'am missing a little bit from the second part of the game. The combat is a little bit different to port royale 2 and in the beginning a little bit confusing, but after 2-3 times it's also ok. But in whole it's the money worth! Nice remake!

Holy Blackbeard


People say many bad thing about this game... well in some cases they got it right. BUT. But if you like Port Royale 2, patrician and this type of game you will love the game regardless of all its flaws. Its just better graphic, and nothing more to be honest, however as i said if u love playing Patrician or previous PR YOU WILL LOVE this one aswell. Overall, go and check it out (entering and leaving towns can be frustrating sometimes - you`ll see what i mean when you`ll play :) )

Great game!


First of all this game is way better than port royale 2, and that was an amazing game! This game is about 3 stories, the trader's campaign, the adventurer's campaign and the pirate's campaign, the campaigns are well done and I enjoyed playing them. There are 16 different ships, they're well detailed and look unique. The maps are huge, some even got 60 completely unique towns. The trading system is well done, it's very realistic. There also is multiplayer up to 4 players, which is a pc exclusive feature. This game is well done I enjoyed it, worth full price.

Exciting Title


Port Royale 3 Gold, the repackaged release of the critically acclaimed Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants, is available for both PlayStation 3 and PC from today. As well as including the original Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants this new edition also includes three downloadable content (DLC) packs on-disc. (PC, Port Royale 3 Gold, PS3)

Sea trading at its best


Port Royale 3 must be one of the most popular trading games. This time Port Royale offers more than just trading campaign - you can also play as an adventurer or even a pirate! You will get to sail in the Caribbean in the uneasy period of the 17th century. The game offers an amazingly wide range of challenges and missions, so it's replayability is nearly unlimited, especially with the Treasure Island expansion, which comes included in this pack. You can play for any nationality which was present in the Caribbean in that period, and use many types of ships (over a dozen) which were historically used there. And what makes it even more special is a social aspect of the game, allowing you to put your highscores in online score tables and rankings, plus a great multiplayer mode - making massive sea battles possible.

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