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Realms of the Haunting





Forged in the Beginning and protected by the Seven Seals, there lies a place where thought and creation intertwine.

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Game description

Forged in the Beginning and protected by the Seven Seals, there lies a place where thought and creation intertwine.

The centre for all realms of existence, it is the balancing force between good and evil, man and spirit. A focal point for all energies, and the one element that has kept the consuming nature of darkness at bay... Until now.

Key Features:

  • Many unique and bizarre universes to explore. From a modern age, mysterious mansion to a medieval, surreal world full of monsters

  • Excellent blend of first-person shooter and point-and-click adventure

  • Full-motion video cut-scenes with live actors bring the game's well-written story alive

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Gremlin Interactive
Thursday, April 24, 2014
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • 1.8 GHz Processor
  • 512MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended)
  • 2GB HDD
  • Mouse/Keyboard.
Recommended Requirements
  • OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz+
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 256 MB of video memory
  • Mouse/Keyboard

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Reviews for Realms of the Haunting

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An excellent game for its time and still enjoyable now


Realms of the Haunting is a lengthy FPS and point and click hybrid that will have you fighting enemies with ranged and melee weapons as your progress through the environments but will also pick up items and notes that can be looked at and used to advance to new areas or just to learn more about the plot. You can find hidden areas by interacting with the correct objects, such as hidden passages behind bookshelves or hidden objectives behind pictures. Realms of the Haunting's story is told through full motion video cutscenes and through voiced dialogue during gameplay for story moments and when examining objects in the environment, the voice acting is well done. For the game's time the music, graphics, and sound are all excellent and give the game a great atmosphere, though the old CGI and green screen effects don't look very good. You will travel through increasing outlandish environments compared to the house that you begin in, which helps make the game more unique visually and was a good choice because due to the old graphics normal locations don't look very realistic. The game has a terrible controls scheme that has you needing to use the mouse and buttons all over the keyboard, but there is a patch that will improve things. The motion bob when moving remains annoying. Enemies have poor AI that sometimes has them ignoring you and that has them unable to leave rooms, allowing you to stand outside while shooting them in some areas. While Realms of the Haunting won't be as impressive now as it once was, it is still worth playing for an entertaining story and enjoyable gameplay.

Classic horror adventure


Realms of the Haunting is an adventure, puzzle, first person shooter mix that feels a lot like Heretic or Blood. The atmosphere is superb throughout the game with some genuinely scary moments, that still look and feel great today despite the game’s age. The only problem I encountered was the dubious control scheme that seems to require four hands to play as keys like jump, strafe, and movement are scattered all over the keyboard. I expect this would turn off many gamers, but there are patches online that fix this, and honestly, it did not bother me too much once I got used to it. The story is engaging and well told through motion-captured clips and diaries scattered throughout the game, but multiple endings would have made the game feel more complete. Overall, though, Realms of the Haunting is a classic.

One of the best games ever (IMO)


"Realms of the Haunting" is one of the best games i have played and i have played a lot of em. even though the game is nearing 20 years old it has a feeling to it that most modern games can't compete with. the story is told through FMV cutscenes and they are the best cutscenes i have seen in any game and the story is definitely one of the best stories in any game without a doubt . for a game that is almost 20 years old the graphics are pretty good and the level design of ROTH has a lot of details that most games that are as old didn't have. the weapons are cool and you can feel that they have some kick to them unlike most games made around the same time. the only problem i have with the game is the default controls are not how modern game controls are set to so you just have to press Ctrl+F1 and adjust the controls so they are more comfortable for you. but overall ROTH is definitely not a game you want to pass up, especially if you love games that have an epic story and it is a game that will truly make you feel a sense of accomplishment when you complete it which most modern games just leave you with a feeling that the game should've been better, ROTH definitely won't make you feel like that. in my opinion the game is a 5 out of 5 stars and a 95 out of 100 experience. a must play game in my book.

A superb but little known gem, back in the day


I have no idea how well this has aged but when it was first released around 1997 this was an excelllent excellent game! It flew under the radar and most missed it, but it was superb. Don't be fooled, this is not a simple doom clone, despite appearances (and it was marketed that way at the time which is one reason it crashed and burned - those that would have liked it probably didn't know what they were missing, and those that got it probably didn't get what they thought they were buying!). It is an atmospheric action adventure game. If you liked the gameplay of System Shock, Thief etc you may well like it. Atmosphere wise it is a bit similar to Cliver Barkers Undying. Don't buy if all you want is a shooter though. That said it is 17 years old so it may not be so great nowadays and I would not buy for full price! But at a couple of bucks on special? Take a chance if you like the games I listed!

A 'Lesser' Doom


Intrigue, horror, mysticism and terror are not this game's forte regardless of its premise. The narrative and "full motion video cutscenes" do no justice to the semantic but instead dulls you with cliche'd story telling of the 'haunted mansion' setting. It was a feeble attempt to blend Doom and Telltale mechanics that results to disappoint.

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