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THIEF: Master Thief Edition





Garrett, the Master Thief, steps from the shadows into the City. With the Baron’s Watch spreading a rising tide of fear and oppression, a mysterious sickness grips the streets. Led by Orion, the voice of the people, the citizens rise in bloody revolution.

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Game description

Thief: Master Thief Edition contains:

  • Digital Artbook

    Get access to the official digital collection of stunning concept art that offers a sneak peek into the shadowy world of THIEF.

  • Digital Comic

    Delve deeper into the shroud surrounding Thief's obscure world with its complete collection of riveting digital comic books.


  • Obtain a comic book series exclusive to this limited edition

  • Get access to all of the comic books in the THIEF series

  • Discover riveting story development that can only be experienced through these comic books

  • Booster DLC Pack

    Booster Pack: Get access to an exclusive bundle of optional in-game consumables that can empower you and hasten your progression through THIEF.

  • Digital Soundtrack

    A remarkable collection of THIEF tracks.

Garrett, the Master Thief, steps from the shadows into the City. With the Baron’s Watch spreading a rising tide of fear and oppression, a mysterious sickness grips the streets. Led by Orion, the voice of the people, the citizens rise in bloody revolution.

Garrett’s thieving skills are all he can trust as he walks the fine line between politics and the people, entangled in layers of conflict. With time running out, the Master Thief unravels a terrible secret from his dark past that ultimately threatens to tear his world apart.

Garrett never paid the price for anything… until now.

Key Features:

  • YOU ARE GARRETT, THE MASTER THIEF Step into the silent shoes of Garrett, a dark and solitary thief with an unrivalled set of skills. The most challenging heists, the most inaccessible loot, the best kept secrets: nothing is out of your reach.

  • THE CITY: YOURS FOR THE TAKING Explore the sick and troubled City, from its shady back alleys to the heights of its rooftops. Sneak through the streets, infiltrate heavily-guarded mansions and lurk in every dark corner… unnoticed and unsanctioned.

  • CHOOSE YOUR APPROACH Use Garrett’s arsenal to take down guards silently with your blackjack, use multiple arrow types to manipulate your environment and the enemies within them, or use your newly acquired focus abilities to increase the effectiveness of your thieving skills. What kind of Master Thief will you be?

  • UNPRECEDENTED IMMERSION Become one with the world thanks to ground-breaking visual elements and a truly tactile and visceral first-person experience. ThiefTM delivers unprecedented immersion through sights, sounds and artificial intelligence.

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Square Enix
Eidos Montreal
Square Enix
Friday, February 28, 2014
English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows Vista with Platform Update for Windows Vista
  • Processor: High-Performance Dual Core CPU or Quad Core CPU
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Hard disk space: 20GB
  • Video: AMD Radeon 4800 series / Nvidia GTS 250
  • DirectX®: DX10
Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Processor: AMD FX 8000 series or better / Intel Quad i7 Core CPU
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Hard disk space: 20GB
  • Video: AMD Radeon HD R9 series or better / Nvdia GTX 660 series or better
  • DirectX®: DX11

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Reviews for THIEF: Master Thief Edition

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I really enjoy the story and I find it intriguing.

I like this game alot but I haven't played the previous thief games so I have no comparison. Pros -Options, you can complete a mission in different ways -Graphics, this game is beautiful -Atmosphere, it really feels like I am there. -You are a shadow, you can hear and see anything. Cons -Voices, sometimes the npc?s lines overlap or it sounds like an echo when they talk. -Sometimes I find the observation to be quite hard to use and I find the stuff easier manually.

A lower quality Dishonored with unneeded extras

Uninteresting world, story, and characters. Poor enemy AI. No incentive to play the game stealthy. Lock picking has to be done frequently and gets annoying fast, you often gain only one cheap item for your efforts. Money is used for upgrades and buying equipment, but the upgrades and powers are mostly pretty useless. City hub area is confusing and annoying to navigate and wastes your time forcing you to go back to a bar to resupply while avoiding the same enemy patrols. The ability to replay chapters, so you can use your better equipment or try different routes and challenges, is almost hidden. Replaying a level forces you to walk back to where the chapter started in the city to replay the mission, the map doesn't show where those spots are and the game gives no indication that you can even do it. The extra content included in this addition of the game is also not interesting enough to be worth paying the added price.

Such a great game tho

I enjoyed this game, its dark old Londonlike city, ambient atmosphere, scary part and funny moments such as Talking Scull. I found no freezes or bugs which some reviewers have mentioned here. Check your PC configuration first. The game worked smooth and loaded fast. I took dozens of decent screenshots. I felt some repetitiveness but it was compensated with a variety of ways to complete each stage. The ending is really a bit complicated. Nevertheless, you can always google for extra explanation from more vigilant players, right?

A great return.

On the contrary from what a lot of people thought of this game, this makes a great return for the saga. If you played the old chapters of Thief you might see some difference but this game brings you totally into the deepest stealth. Without giving any spoiler for the story, you'll find your way in a big dark city full of soldiers and you'll need to be as much sneaky as you can, cleaning the path with arrows and obviously your dagger. What I liked the most from this game is the freedom going around the city, entering some house and being free to steal in order to get money that you will need to upgrade your stuff. The story going forward might look obvious maybe, but this is really a cool game with an awesome dark graphic.

The thief will be back again

This THIEF launched in 2014 is a reboot of the franchise, this franchise that began in 1998 with Thief: The Dark Project, developed by Looking Glass Studios. After a hiatus of about 10 years (Thief: Deadly Shadows was released in 2004), here that Square Enix offers us a reboot, featuring Garrett, the master thief, to a new generation. Set in a fictional world in which we can clearly see steampunk and gothic elements, THIEF is a dark game, in several senses. The story takes place in a medieval town called simply "The City", in which a terrible disease kills mercilessly. The disease, known as "The Gloom" certainly refers to the Black Death which killed millions in Europe during the fourteenth century. Garret is the master thief, and the plot engages you even when in the company of Erin, another thief and murderer, try to accomplish a mission in the mansion of such a Baron of Northcrest. I said "try" because everything goes wrong and Erin ends up being separated from Garret. Such separation gradually assumes more and more mysterious air, and the player will realize gradually the occult provides a touch more darkness to the already dark game. Note that here we have a game of stealth action that can really be called so, with all the letters. Garret should move in the shadows, and the player must always remain well aware of the display that indicates whether it is hidden or not. Try to fight enemies directly is almost always disastrous (the combat system itself does not help one bit, and I think this is intentional): the best, if detected, is trying to use smoke bombs to escape quickly and / or they run to some distant point, and of course dark. With first-person perspective, THIEF somewhat resembles Dishonored (another great title stealth), and we can even quote some similarities between them: the use of advanced technologies, which certainly does not belong to time, the right mix between technology and magic, a dangerous disease ravaging the population, power struggles, etc.. Obviously, Garret does not have supernatural powers of Corvo Attano, but no less deadly it is, or rather, efficient. The game's graphics are beautiful, and the contrasts between light and shadows usually give us beautiful spectacles. On the PC, I got to play with a good performance and always getting between 45-60 FPS, more or less. We have great lighting effects and particles also worth remembering. It is sad, however, that the end of the game it's a ... well, crap. Including in relation to the "bosses". Yours truly. Many things are not properly explained, and a short cutscene with Garret ends up causing more anger in the player than anything else. The game deserved more. We deserved more. But anyway, whatever. And more titles in this franchise being launched, with better end, even with better plots and with a true master thief. conclusion THIEF is a great stealth game. There has its problems, of course, but these can not overshadow its luster. The player can perform missions and face the most diverse situations in different ways, and this also ends up greatly increasing the replay factor of the game (also read the section "Modifying parameters and making the experience more challenging," above). If you like stealth action, face without fear. Also featuring many elements of action and puzzles, the game can play hard. Its plot is interesting and able to hold the player for hours and hours.

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