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For its 10 year anniversary, Titan Quest will shine in new splendour. This Anniversary Edition combines both Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne in one game, and has been given a massive overhaul for the ultimate ARPG experience.

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Game description

For its 10 year anniversary, Titan Quest will shine in new splendour. This Anniversary Edition combines both Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne in one game, and has been given a massive overhaul for the ultimate ARPG experience.

Anniversary Edition Update

  • Restored and improved multiplayer functionality, including new features like a built-in voice chat and NAT resolving for best multiplayer connectivity
  • Support for more resolutions, larger camera distance and scaleable UI size
  • Improved performance and general stability
  • Support for modders through new modding options and a fully integrated Steam Workshop
  • Complete balance rework with improvements to all Masteries, damage types, unique items and sets
  • Countless bug fixes and other improvements, including ten years’ worth of community fixes
  • Increased challenges and rewards for larger parties and on higher difficulty levels
  • Dozens of new heroes and bosses to encounter
  • Improved enemy and pet AI
  • Quality of life features like higher stack limits, quick item pickup, a larger stash and a speed setting
  • Reduced cheating with curbed exploits, removal of test items and mod comparison in multiplayer
  • Steam Friend Invites
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards

Discover the Courage that Turns Heroes Into Legends

From Age of Empires co-creator Brian Sullivan and Braveheart writer Randall Wallace comes an innovative action role playing game set in ancient Greece, Egypt and Asia.
The Titans have escaped their eternal prison, wreaking havoc upon the earth. The gods seek a hero who can turn the tide in an epic struggle that will determine the fate of both men and gods.

In this epic quest of good versus evil, players will encounter the greatest villains of Greek mythology, brave the attacks of Cerberus, and hazard the banks of the River Styx. Players will interpret the prophecies of the blind seer Tiresias, fight alongside Agamemnon and Achilles, and use the wiles of Odysseus to conquer this dark new adventure.

Are you ready for the quest?

Key Features:

  • Explore the Ancient World - Unlock arcane mysteries and battle the beasts of mythology as you journey to the Parthenon, Great Pyramids, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Great Wall and other legendary locations
  • Atmospheric Graphics - Take a hero's journey through authentic Ancient World settings crafted in stunning, realistic, 3D detail
  • Conquer Monsters of Legend - Battle horrific monsters and mythical beasts in a story-driven campaign that will determine the fate of all existence
  • Highly Customizable Characters - Build and customize your characters with 28 classes and over 1000 pieces of unique and legendary items to create the ultimate champion
  • Online Multiplayer Gameplay - Challenge others to experience your map creations in fast-action, 2-6 player online cooperative gameplay
  • Create Your Own Worlds - Create your own maps with the easy-to-use World Editor for endless adventuring
Game info
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THQ Nordic
Iron Lore Entertainment
THQ Nordic
Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Spanish, Russian, Polish, Italian, German, French, English, Czech
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
      Windows® 2000 or XP, 1.8 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent or AMD Athlon XP or equivalent
      512 MB RAM
      5 GB free hard drive space
      64 MB NVIDIA GeForce 3 or equivalent or ATI Radeon 8500 series with Pixel Shader 1.1 support or equivalent
      DirectX® 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card


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Reviews for Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

An ARPG Milestone

In this ARPG you play a hero who has to save the world and who has to slay boss monsters and minions while collecting loot. So far, so ordinary. But one thing that divides Titan Quest from the many other ARPGs out there is the setting: you play in setting and against enemies takes from ancient greek, egyptian and oriental mythology. In Immortal Throne an underworld is added. Furthermore the gameplay is great, it feels fluent and has follows the "what you see is what you get" system, which means: if you see that an enemy has a great sword, that same enemy will drop this sword once you kill him. The character system is class-based, but allows you to pick a combination of 2 classes, which brings additional diversity and allows for more individualisation. And even though this game may be rather old, the graphics aged rather well. The items are divided into several rarity-classes. The amount of items is stunning, also regarding the amount of item sets. I have spent an incredible amount of time with this game and I do not regret any minute of it.

Fantastic ARPG

A beautiful and lengthy Action RPG in the vein of dungeon crawlers like Diablo, Titan Quest focuses more on open world exploration and offers many unique environments to explore. Character customization lets you pick from 2 skill schools with many active, passive, and toggle skills that you can pick and choose from letting you create a unique hero each time. There is an attempt at a storyline here but it's a bit ridiculous and is mostly a vehicle for taking you through ancient lands with mythological monsters and locations. The music and sound are also top notch with a memorable soundtrack and immersive environmental & monster sounds. Overall, Titan Quest is a fantastic aRPG and is worth your time with or without friends.

A RPG for the Ages.

Titan Quest was a Masterpiece of Gaming back when it first came out. Now Years down the Line we got what is possibly one of the best rereleases ever. Titan Quest Anniversary Edition. If you previously owned Titan Quest on Steam you got this for free even though this rerelease is brimming with content. In fact there is even a good bit of content that was never seen before in this version and i can only repeat that most people got this for absolutely FREE. Gameplaywise this Game is at the same time very complex yet simple. You can build your character in a plethora of different ways, make them tank attacks without any care in the world, dish out damage like there is no tomorrow or ANYTHING in between. Add to this that it also looks and sounds amazing and you really do have a near perfect game. A clear recommendation even if you have to buy it.

An excellent ARPG with many improvements

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition combines both the main game and its expansion for the 10 year anniversary, while also adding in some new features and making improvements both when it comes to balance and by implementing community suggestions and changes that were made over the years. Titan Quest is a Diablo style action roleplaying game that is based around Greek mythology. The game has good voice acting, a good story, loot, and gives you a lot of options for skills and character development. The developer even gave the Anniversary Edition to any players that owned the original title. If you have not played the games before they are worth playing and this version makes them even better.


This game came out of nowhere and was given out free by the developers if you owned the original release from years ago so I didn't pay for my copy. I would have though, and I would have paid full price. This game is absolutely amazing and a must play if you love RPGs or the more recent Torchlight games or Diablo. You explore ancient Greece, fighting mythological monsters and bosses. The game takes over 100 hours to do everything. This release includes the expansion pack already built in, so that adds even more content. The story is great and there is just so much content in this game you might never finish it completely. The world is very varied and massive. It's not a very replayable game since you will do everything you want to do on your first play through, but for those who love Skyrim or the Elder Scrolls games, there's more than enough to do in Titan Quest to keep you coming back for more. You can play as more than 2 dozen different classes of characters and the amount of loot in this game is staggering. There's well over 1,000 items, weapons, armor, etc. to collect. If you love Greek mythology, or RPGs, you must buy this game now. You will be invested in it for a very long time once you start playing it. There's also online play, and a map editor, so there really is infinite replayability since you can make your own levels or download other people's to keep the game forever fresh with new content. In conclusion, buy this game now. You will not regret it.

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