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'Unlimited escape 2' is an action / strategy game with unpredictable dynamics. The adventure of our hero continues beyond the legend, with new scenarios and dangers!

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Game description

'Unlimited escape 2' is an action / strategy game with unpredictable dynamics. The adventure of our hero continues beyond the legend, with new scenarios and dangers!

The protagonist of the game will walk and explore endless mazes procedurally generated and will have a single mission: to save the prisoners scattered in the path leading them to the point of rescue. The main character must also defend these prisoners from the enemies that appear in every part of the playing field.

The main feature of the game is the complete procedural generation of scenarios and lighting, which allows an unlimited variety of play. With the advance of the levels, the game scenarios are becoming larger and intricate, with ever greater dangers.

The number of game levels is unlimited, and the game stores statistics and many score rankings to increase the charm and challenge. The aim of the game is to save a number of prisoners in the maze of each level, and to do this you have to group them and bring them to a save point placed randomly within the maze.

In the path appear enemies that chase you and kill the prisoners who need to save. When you will shoot the enemies you have to be careful not to kill the prisoners to save. The groups of prisoners are scattered randomly in the path of each level, and to find them you'll have to explore the maze by seeking help from the map on the top screen.

Enemy bases are scattered randomly in the path, and these bases are coloured red. The save point instead is coloured blue. Each level is a maze that is always different, unpredictable and randomly generated, as well as lights and lighting used in the level. In this way the game dynamics are always new.

The number of levels is infinite, as well as the score that can be achieved. Are stored up to 100 high scores and statistics, so we challenge everyone to become legends and heroes! With the advance of the levels, the game gets bigger, richer and difficult. The number of enemy bases increase with advancing levels, as the number of prisoners to be saved.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited levels

    The game is practically infinite, the number of levels is unlimited and therefore the real challenge is to save as many prisoners as possible to become a legend.

  • Multiple cameras

    In the game you can select various types of cameras:

  • Normal (the camera gently follows the movements close the protagonist)

  • Map (the camera is fixed from above)
  • Dynamic map (the camera is at the top and follows the rotations of the protagonist)
  • Dynamic (the camera follows the protagonist in the third person, with the view from below)

  • Full game statistics

    The game saves the complete statistics of the game in progress, including the score, time played, enemies destroyed, prisoners saved, shots, levels exceeded levels failed etc. In this way, lovers of statistics will have even more pleasure in playing.

  • Full game rankings

    The game will store up to 100 high scores with its partial statistics. This will make real the challenge to become a legend !!

  • Full procedural generation, exploration and discovery

    Each level is generated procedurally with the algorithm of construction of random 'Dungeon'. Even the main character, enemies, prisoners and everything are placed and constructed randomly. In this way, the game is always unpredictable and dynamics are always unknown.

  • Fight and strategy

    In each level there are the bases from which the enemies will appear. These enemies will follow you to kill you, and may even kill the prisoners to save. This way to overcome the levels you'll also face fierce fighting and protect the prisoners from enemy waves. When you shoot the enemies, you have to be careful not to kill the prisoners.

  • Incremental difficulty

    With the advancement in the levels, these become ever larger and increasingly difficult mazes. It also increases the number of enemies and the number of prisoners present and to save. In this way, with the advancement in the game becomes more difficult and challenging to become a legend!

New Features:

  • Scenarios

    With this new version of the game, there will be new and richer scenarios generated procedurally.

  • Gameplay

    New system for the guidance of the prisoners: by enabling or disabling the ëGroup Pointí in the position of the protagonist, the prisoners will follow our hero to the point of rescue.

  • Enemies

    There are five types of enemies, of different size, speed and danger.

  • Dynamics

    With the new system of grouping of prisoners, the dynamics of the game are even more fascinating.

  • Traps

    The biggest enemies, if they are killed, leave a lethal trap in the maze.

  • Enemy interaction

    Now the enemies will follow you only when the "Group Point" is active.

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Strategy First
Carlo D'Apostoli Projects
Action, Strategy, Indie
Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 1.6 GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 3D graphics card DirectX 9.0c compatible
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 100 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Any Windows compatible sound device
Recommended Requirements

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Missed opportunity for a good game.


While Unlimited Escape 2 have some unique ideas for the gameplay it's hard to recommend this game due to how the game was coded. Sadly game suffers in many ways and kills all the joy, the camera is far from perfect, controls are bad not to mention the balance issues. It's cheap, it's true but why throw your money into the rubbish bin.

Great ideas, lacking polish.


The idea or procedurally generated mazes with certain goals that can range anywherwe on the difficulty scale is great fun. There are also traps, huge enemies, and a recruiting system. The gameplay isn't anything amazing, but it gets the job done. The game also isn't much to look at, but the elvels are varied. Overall a great concept that needs work.

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