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UNO makes its return with an assortment of exciting new features such as added video chat support and an all new theme system which adds more fun!


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Game description

One of the most iconic classic games which we all grew to know and love! UNO makes its return with an assortment of exciting new features such as added video chat support and an all new theme system which adds more fun!

Match cards either by matching color or value and play action cards to change things up. Race against others to empty your hand before everyone else in either Classic play or customize your experience with a variety of House Rules and match settings to ensure you and your friends never play the same game twice!
Also, get ready to shake things up with new branded themes introducing never-before-seen Theme Cards that really change the way you play the game!

Game info
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Ubisoft Chengdu
Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Customer notes

Notebook support: Laptop models of these desktop cards may work as long as they are on-par in terms of performance with at least the minimum configuration. For an up-to-date list of supported hardware, please visit the FAQ for this game on our website here.

Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only) 
  • PROCESSOR: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 | AMD Phenom II X4 945 or equivalent 
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 | AMD Radeon HD 5670 or equivalent 
  • HARD DISK: 3 GB 
  • PERIPHERALS: Windows-compatible keyboard, mouse
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Uno

Not actually bad

The game itself is pretty neat, and if it was steam, or even GOG, and about a card game i actually like, i'd recommend this. I don1t actually know, how i got this game, but I tried it recently. Playing cards with strangers isn't that fun, plus over the internet they might as well be robots...just slower, and this way,m more annoying. Playing with friends could be more fun, but then, I'd have to convince them, to buy this, and then install uplay. For convenience, I'D do it over skype and...then had to explain, why don't we just play cards, over skype? Or you know..something more fun :)

Buy if you like Uno

A digital version of Uno originally released on the Xbox 360 and caught on partly because of its support of the 360 video camera allowing you to see and talk to the people you were playing with. The game now comes to the PC about ten years later where that is a much more common thing and with the chat and video features requiring you to have your opponents on your friends list. The game supports four player play and two versus two, it also includes a Rabbids deck which will allow you to make use of some additional rules. If you are a fan of Uno and have some people that want to play with you then this can be a game that you will enjoy but for the price you can probably find some more interesting card games to play online.

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