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Bummer! World War III happened and killed most of the world’s population. The ones that got toasted were the lucky ones.

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Game description

Bummer! World War III happened and killed most of the world’s population. The ones that got toasted were the lucky ones. Survivors live in constant fear of being murdered or enslaved by violent gangs, renegade military units and, of course; mutants.

Outfitted with a heavily armored car, unlimited firepower and a thirst for vengeance, our Heroine – the Wasteland Angel roams the radioactive wastes, travelling from one God-forsaken town to the next, protecting survivors from being enslaved. She’s on a mission, to defend those that can’t defend themselves.

Wasteland Angel is a throw-back to the era of vintage arcade shooters, where players fend off waves of enemies and ultimately face-off against epic end-level bosses. From a top-down isometric view, players pilot the Wasteland Angel’s overpowered vehicle as its dual machine guns cut a swath across the terrain. To handle whatever the gangs, muties and renegades throws her way, Wasteland Angel has upgradeable weapons and ammo that can rip enemies from this life and toss them into the next.


  • 24 Levels of fast-paced action across 6 ravaged landscapes
  • 3 Enemy Factions including Gangers, Renegades and Mutants
  • 4 Difficulty Levels from beginner to suicide
  • Different mission objectives from escort to an all-out offensive
  • Super weapons increase the carnage, including: Mines, Napalm, EMP and Nukes
  • Huge boss battles to test your skill and stamina
  • Bonus levels featuring FPS driving/shooting mayhem
  • Online Scoreboards for each Difficulty Level Star ratings for all levels and 40 achievements for all completionists
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Octane Games
Thursday, September 1, 2011
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • Operating system: Windows® XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: 2.0GHz CPU
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Hard disk space: 4GB
  • Video: 256 MB of dedicated memory with support for pixel shader 3.0. (nVidia 8600 or equivalent)
  • Sound: Sound card with DirectX 9.0c support
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Wasteland Angel

Still Fun

I hear a lot of reviews that say it's repetitive, but I'd put it in a better light, calling it formulaic. It follows a pattern and I think it's not that bad. There's a lot of somewhat unpredictable stuff that mix up gameplay here and there. I mean for starters driving around is highly dependent on the skill of the player. And a lot of times, it's random run-and-gun. It's a lot of fun though. The whole post-apocalyptic thing was a nice theme too. I've seen and played a lot of post-apocalyptic themed games, and this is the first I've seen that chose to do it this way. It's mostly shooters and adventure games, but driving around and mowing everything down with your car is one treatment of the genre that I thought was new. Overall, not too many complaints here. Mostly praise. It's good fun. Also, it's very satisfying flattening whole hordes of people with a car decked out with all sorts pf weaponry. A definite recommendation!

Repetitive, buggy, but still fun .

Wasteland Angel is a fun little game if you can get over the repetitiveness and some bugs that you're sure to encounter. Controlling a buggy from top down perspective in a post-apocalyptic world, you're tasked with defending certain outposts from waves of enemies. Their vehicles come either to fight you, or to kidnap civilians from the outposts. When destroying enemy vehicles, you get certain powerups or special weapons to use to your advantage : spikes, flamethrowers, mines, or even a small nuke. After two levels in which you defend an outpost, you get a bossfight, where you're told which special weapons to use in order to make him vulnerable. Very straightforward. Then you get a bonus level, in which you either race through checkpoints, survive against endless spawning enemies or destroy vehicles in order to add seconds to a timer. Same goes for all areas. If you don't mind some enemies getting stuck before entering the map, some turning invisible just staying there for a couple of waves, and some texture trouble, you can definitely have a bit of fun with Wasteland Angel if the game's idea appeals to you. It takes no more than 3 hours to complete it 100%, so if you can get it for a price cut, consider doing it.

Great Fun!

Not sure why the game was rated so harshly. I enjoyed playing it. It took me a while to get good at controlling the car, but once I got that down the levels are pretty challenging. The game plays like a driving shooter. Graphics are nice so are the guns. It's well worth your dollar and I've been playing it for hours on end. Once you start you really can't seem to be able to stop playing this thing! I'm glad I found it as I've never heard of it before. I highly recommend you trying it out, since it's very cheap for the quality you get!

Shortie, but goodie

Wasteland Angel is one of the funniest indie games I played in past few months. Even though it is really short I had a blast while playing it. It's a top down vehicular shooter with a sexy pin-up girl as a main character, set in post-apocalyptic world. You are defending towns from bandits, using variety of weapons. A nice addition to this game are few levels with FPP view, where you have to race through checkpoints or exterminate all the enemies. While the normal price is a bit too expensive for a game that lasts for about 2hours it is certainly worth it to get it during some -75% promotions.

Race + Shots in a post-apocalyptic

Well, the game is simple you choose your difficulty level and so on, at the beginning I found through "discouraged" with the ease of the game, but the wire will start playing even saw that it was a great and super challenging pastime , this game has some of the genres most of grueling meets quality and even that belonging to a single producer could please me during 2 hrs and a half spent to finish it, but I did not stop here, the game still has a system score-board, where 'easily' can reach the top, only a simple condition, no one wants to miss a live game so the multiplier will always be high and consequently their points too, I highly recommend it for those who ta little bored tired of big franchises, it is ae: D

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