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Navigate the beauty and hazards of the solar system while riding on a wave of light in this innovative action-puzzle game.

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Game description

"Waveform is a solid, highly polished game that's very much its own thing, and very much worth checking out." - Destructoid.com

"A wholly unique experience with brilliant mechanics at the centre," - Darkzero.co.uk

Navigate the beauty and hazards of the solar system while riding on a wave of light in this innovative action-puzzle game. On your journey to restore light to a dying galaxy being consumed by a Singularity, you'll travel from Pluto to the Sun and interact with a wide variety of strange objects, and mind-bending situations that will affect the path of your wave, and the world around you, in interesting ways.

Simple to play but difficult to master, Waveform combines the pure fun of retro arcade titles with all the modern bells and whistles of modern gaming. Colorful graphics and a retro soundtrack accompany 100 levels of increasingly fascinating and wondrous challenges featuring mysterious and fun objects like Wormholes, Particle Accelerators, and the enigmatic Space Squids of Venus!

Key Features:

  • Innovative and Unique Gameplay:

You've never played a game like this before! Experience the refreshingly unique wave-manipulation gameplay of Waveform in a fast-action adventure like no other.

  • Master the game, not the controls:

Featuring extremely simple controls involving dragging the mouse to manipulate your wave's amplitude and wavelength, gamers of all skill levels can instantly jump in and enjoy Waveform. It's easy get started, but difficult to master.

  • Play at your own pace:

Will you take a relaxing ride through the solar system or challenge yourself to conquer each level and unlock bonuses and achievements? Each level is designed with multiple layers of difficulty so you can sit back and enjoy the zen-like flow of the wave or get on the edge of your seat for a heart-racing wave run. The choice is yours!

  • Stellar amount of content:

With over 100 levels spread across 11 worlds featuring dozens of unique objects and discover, there's an incredible amount of content to experience. And after you beat the game you can enjoy New Game +, featuring re-mastered versions of each level in the theme of the game's bonus levels.

  • Rockin' Retro Soundtrack:

Enjoy a musical masterpiece featuring dynamic audio that adapts with the pace of the game.

  • Deep Space Mode:

Journey into the far reaches of deep space in 11 different randomly-generated endless scenarios. Strive for the high score and earn your spot on the Steam Leaderboards!

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Eden Industries
Eden Industries
Indie, Puzzle
Eden Industries
Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 850 MB
  • Video Card: OpenGL compatible graphics card with 128 MB of memory
  • Sound: Any sound card capable of stereo output
Recommended Requirements

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Reviews for Waveform

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A simple concept but difficult to master


Waveform is about manipulating your waveform to match the pattern on screen. Moving your mouse left and right widens and shrinks the width of the waveform while moving your mouse up and down increases and decreases the height. Simple enough, but the puzzles get increasingly difficult as you are challenged to avoid certain objects or make sure your wave doesn't get higher or lower than marked points. Plan on some memorization to get through the challenging levels. The game is easy to jump in and out for a quick 10 minute time waster and if it sounds like your kind of puzzler, give it a shot.

Acquired Taste


Personally this game didn't do a lot for me, but i'm not really the type of person that enjoys these type of games. It is a score attack game where you try to collect most points in the shortest time possible. To it's merit it's control's really well. It's fluid and very responsive and the background music is great. If you enjoy these games you will definitely get a lot of fun out of it.

Quite good, while not immediate


Not a must for a puzzle/casual game, but Waveform flows like a charm and is capable to entertain without being too much complicated and difficult, if you're not the type that aim to 100% completition. Graphics are fine, ok-ish at most and soundtrack isn't really catchy as it should. Worth the low price, after all.

Can't get any better!


Indie games don't get better than this! Waveform launches you into space on sine wave which you can increase the amplitude and frequency by means of travel. Ride the wave while avoiding objects and collecting light particles is what it's all about. There are at least eight stages around a planet, plus the ability to post your high scores on the leaderboard. Each stage of the game gets progressively harder as you strive to unlock achievements and complete each 'wave' perfectly. The developers check the Steam forums on a regular basis and listen intently to everyone's suggestions and are constantly improving gameplay. There is even downloadable content available. It's reasonably priced and a great game to own.

A Nice Game for $7


The game is nothing short of a fantastic casual experience filled with colorful visuals and a pretty amazing soundtrack. The concept is pretty cool in the way that you are told to change the waveforms of the map to collect orbs of goodness while avoiding the death contraptions. It is a very good game for those that would generally enjoy fighting it out and working towards perfect scores. Something that is generally very difficult to accomplish based on the concept that takes some time to get use to. The game lacks in a sense that it is rather short. I mean i only put about 30 minutes into the game and i am already halfway through. I'm questioning if it is about a 1 hour long game. Don't get me wrong, it is definitely a nice game to jump right into and play 1 or 2 levels of, but once you get a hang of the game, it is generally easy to play. The real question is, will $7 be worth a game that you could probably complete in 1-2 hours?

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