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Fall in line for fast, furious fire fights with Worms™ Blast. Your mission: launch your worm marine into hostile waters and blast your way to survival through intense puzzle action! Take the big chunk of puzzle-styled gameplay and slice into 60 fun-sized missions.

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Game description

"This Worms game is aptly named: it's a blast!" - GameSpy.com

"A solid puzzler with an almost impeccable presentation." - Gamespot.com

Fall in line for fast, furious fire fights with Worms™ Blast. Your mission: launch your worm marine into hostile waters and blast your way to survival through intense puzzle action! Take the big chunk of puzzle-styled gameplay and slice into 60 fun-sized missions. Sprinkle with a fiendishly challenging puzzle mode, and mix in a tasty tournament mode, not forgetting to include the unlockable hidden features. Spread this mixture over a multi-player head-to-head game guaranteeing fun for yourself and your friends, and allow to simmer! When enjoyment is boiling, add in a generous helping of entertaining characters, boat-based silliness, fog, sea monsters, and falling anvils. Add bazookas, dynamite and unprecedented destruction to taste. This recipe should serve a truly hefty helping of fun!

Key Features:

  • Jam packed with over 20 special weapons, utilities and gadgets.

  • Wacky Weaponry: unleash a firing frenzy on your opponent using Shotguns, Bazookas, Mines, Laser Beams, and Sea Monsters.

  • Explosive Power-ups: Collect power-ups like Double Damage, Sailor's Delight, and Fish Food.

  • Torrential Weather: Brave the high seas against Rain, Wind, Solar Eclipses, and even Cosmic Showers.

  • A massive single-player puzzle mode that features 60 wild and varied missions using oodles of diverse gameplay features.

  • 8 captivating multi-player modes for playing against either a human or AI. Featuring modes like Star Collect, Deathmatch and Tide Trial.

  • 9 outrageous characters to choose from, each with their own set of skills. Play as a Worm, Sheep, Old Woman or even as Superfrog!

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Team 17
Team 17
Team 17
Saturday, March 30, 2002
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Digital PC Download
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • A 100% Windows XP/Vista/7 compatible computer system
Recommended Requirements

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Good game with Worms style


This game is great, I've played it alot ever since I was a kid, with friends or not it's a very fun game, however Worms Blast has nothing to do with any other Worms game. It's a Bubble Blast-esq game with Worms characters and almost no other Worms reference other than the voices and weapons you get as power-ups.

A Different Worms Game


I think as a spin off game this game can very addicting to play! It's fast paced and there's lots of familiar weapons. AT times the puzzle mode was a bit too hard for my taste seriously its seems like this was made by satan! I'm just joking, but I give this game a 74/100. This game's graphics are fantastic as well as the music very catchy, but I do recommend this game if you just want a little fast paced versus game it's not exactly like worms but I like this spin off! It's just a simple but funny game! But you'll need to have a friend to play it with because the only funny thing on this game is multiplayer. You must learn some of game mechanisms but then, you will really get to like it. If you have a friend and you both like simple games mainly about your skill this is game for you!

Not a Real Worms Game


It seems every time team 17 departs from the classic 2d worms action, they fail. This game keeps that record alive. While it's still 2d action/puzzle, it removes the real joy of worms fun from the game. It's a lazy, cheap knockoff of the old, shoot the ball, match colors, games that have been around forever. I didn't enjoy the game at all. I got it as part of a bundle, but I quickly uninstalled it, and will likely never download the game again. If you want the "match the color" action, popcap has a number of casual games of that ilk. But if you long to see annelids launch weapons of mass destruction at one another for fun and profit, this isn't the game for you. Look to worms reloaded, or worms world party, instead.

Pretty good Bust-a-Move clone.


So in my opinion it's the best spin-off from main Worms series. It's similar game to Bust-a-Move but much more expanded. Bust-a-Move (know also as Puzzle Bobble) was really simple game - you just had to remove all bubbles at top, while having few moves or rushing to destroy it before it will reach you. Worms Blast is same. It's also in my opinion a bit harder. Every weapon in this game have it's own trajectory, every time you miss the water level is rising and making it hard to avoid falling pieces. You also have health bar, when it will drop to 0 you will just "die". It's not only make game harder but also much more fun. You can "store" better weapons and use it when in trouble with blocks. There are also few playable characters - you don't need to play as a worm, but also as sheep or old explosive woman. It have plenty of missions and stuff like local multiplayer, so you can fight against your friends/family on shared screen. I can recommend this game to Worms and puzzle games fans. It's not like any other Worms game, but it's worth your time.

Nice casual game


I enjoyed it very much, Worms Blast has a nice visual, bright colors and stuff. Pretty useful to spend some hours playing without regret!

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