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Earth has changed. Twenty years have passed since world leaders offered an unconditional surrender to alien forces and XCOM, the planet’s last line of defense, was left decimated and scattered. Now the aliens rule Earth, building shining cities that promise a brilliant future for humanity on the surface, while concealing a sinister agenda below and eliminating all who dissent from their new order.

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Earth has changed. Twenty years have passed since world leaders offered an unconditional surrender to alien forces and XCOM, the planet’s last line of defense, was left decimated and scattered. Now the aliens rule Earth, building shining cities that promise a brilliant future for humanity on the surface, while concealing a sinister agenda below and eliminating all who dissent from their new order.

Only those who live at the edges of the world have a margin of freedom. Here, a force gathers once again to stand up for humanity. Always on the run, the remnant XCOM forces must find a way to rise from the ashes, expose the insidious truth behind the occupation, and eliminate the alien threat once and for all.


Key Features:


Take command of the Avenger, an alien supply craft converted to XCOM’s mobile headquarters. Guide your strike force around the world, build popular support and expose the aliens’ sinister plans.


Five soldier classes, each with its own skill tree including new class abilities like Momentum, let you create specific soldiers for your tactical plan.


New gameplay systems offer more tactical flexibility in combat. The state of the world affects each combat mission’s environment. Use concealment to ambush enemy patrols. Loot enemies for precious gear and artifacts. Rescue VIPs and save fallen comrades by carrying them to the extraction point.


A diverse cast of enemies from powerful new alien species to the ADVENT, enforcers of the alien regime, offer a distinct tactical challenge.


Configure and build rooms on the Avenger to give XCOM new capabilities on the battlefield. Use your Scientists and Engineers to research, develop and upgrade weapons and armor to fit your preferred tactics.


Go on missions around the world, from wildlands to the heart of the alien-controlled megacities, to the depths of alien installations. There are virtually infinite combinations of maps, missions and goals.


Community-focused tools allow you to create your own campaign, tactical gameplay, aliens, classes, strategy game features, and share within the Steam Workshop.


Mix-and-match squads of humans and aliens and battle head-to-head on randomly-generated maps.

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2K Games
2K Games
Friday, February 5, 2016
Customer notes
Minimum Requirements
  • OS: Windows® 7, 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 2.6 GHz or AMD Phenom 9950 Quad Core 2.6 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5770, 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or better
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 45 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
  • Additional Notes: Initial installation requires one-time Internet connection for Steam authentication; software installations required (included with the game) include Steam Client, Microsoft Visual C++2012 and 2013 Runtime Libraries and Microsoft DirectX.
Recommended Requirements
  • OS: Windows® 7, 64-bit
  • Processor: 3GHz Quad Core
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2GB ATI Radeon HD 7970, 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 or better
  • Storage: 45 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card

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Reviews for XCOM 2

Better than the first

I loved the first reboot. It was an awesome strategy game and it did wonders for my love of a tactical game. The second did something rarely done in games anymore. It took everything from the first, and did it better with added features. I am a save scummer. And even with save scumming this game was a challenge. The AI is smart and fun to play against. The mods keep the game fresh. I easily give it a 9/10

The legacy goes on

Have you played the X-Com franchise Before? Then I Think you will love this game. It continues on where X-Com 1 (new release, not the old) takes of. New features, adjustments to old ones. It gets a Little more advanced. That said I Think that if you never had Contact with X-Com, I would say start with X-Com Enemy Within. Then you will appreciate this game even more, and you will feel the development and understand the Changes more.

Masterpiece of a Tactical Strategy Game

The incredible feeling of saving the world is back in XCOM 2. There's a really fun blend of RPG elements, a solid story and flawless (and improved on Enemy Unknown) strategy mechanics. The switch from defence to offence in the mission really shifts it up a gear, and the feeling of being desperately on the back foot is really exciting, it makes it all feel far more important. It's a tough game, make no mistake, but that's a good thing, and something too few games take advantage of nowadays. If you like sci-fi, strategy or even just a good game, you really need this one.

A Fantastic Addition to the Xcom Series

This game is absolutely fantastic. It takes the formula of Enemy Unknown and improves it in every way. The graphics are better (not by much, but it's still better), there are more weapons and armor (as well as the addition of weapon modding, allowing you to further upgrade or specialize your soldiers and their weapons), there are more mission types and maps (tired of doing nothing but abduction missions? Well, you won't be doing that in Xcom 2), and there are more enemies (everything from the Sectoid to giant death robots and flying spheres that can wipe the floor with you using Psychic powers). However, there isn't just more stuff. They take Xcom and turn it to 11. Everything in this game is overpowered, from the Sectoid's ability to resurrect your dead teammates and use them to kill you, to the Sniper which can gain the ability to kill infinite enemies as long as they keep hitting and they still have ammo. The amount of crazy stuff that can occur and make you go "Oh my goooooooooood" is insane and adds to the fun of the game in an amazing way. I would HIGHLY recommend this game to fans of Xcom or anybody looking to get into the franchise.

Big improvement on the first game

XCOM 2 is a huge improved over Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within. The game's missions have more variety and all mission types end up working well this time, the classes are all well balanced and based on what enemies you might be facing or what kind of mission you are going on certain skills will be more useful making it a good idea to field more soldiers. Overwatch has been significantly improved, it is more cinematic and your soldiers will no longer all fire at the exact same target. The maps are more varied, many with more vertical design giving you good spots to put snipers or ways to gain the high ground. XCOM 2 adds new mechanics such as concealment which ends up working very well, allowing you to ambush, scout, or sneak by enemy units. Weapons can have attachments added to them which is useful and changes the look of the gun, but you lose your upgrades when you research the newest weapons and you can only add one or two attachments and what type goes with what class of soldier is obvious. Every soldier can equip a personal combat sim which can cause them to have higher aim, movement, dodge, will, or health. While the PCSs are useful they seem to be very rare with me never even finding a single accuracy increasing one throughout my 37 mission campaign. The gameplay outside of battles is also much improved. Base building is better and no longer dependent on the luck of where steam can be found, if it can be at all and there is no more gaming the system to launch satellites at the end of every month to bring panic down. Your time is now spent moving you ship to different locations to do missions, scanning areas to get a little flavor text and a reward, buy and sell at the black market, contact resistance groups in different countries, and building radios to broadcast your resistance signals further. Every month dark events are shown and you are only able to stop one of them, the events might see the aliens improving their weapons and armor, hiding enemies in missions, decreasing your supplies, increasing enemy sight range when your units are concealed, etc. The game adds significantly more customization options for your soldiers, with armor you can make changes to, armor and weapon colors, armor and gun pattern choices, character bios, choosing your own nicknames and nationality, the choice of your character demeanor (which also effects their voice, tattoos, scars, hair, beards, etc. There are some strange decisions such as not being able to wear a hood with a pair of glasses or a cigar, a lack of good facial hair options, and there are not many different languages but what we get is a lot more than the first. Some problems with the game are that while vertical focus is great it can cause some camera and line of sight problems problems. The game has better characters but the story itself is still poor. You will likely run into problems with certain animations playing or activating correctly. The swords are really only good during the early game and become almost completely useless in the mid and late game, they do low damage, have a poor chance to hit compared to the shotgun that the Rangers also have, a poor chance to get critical hits, and for some reason they are the only type of weapon that you are not allowed to take utility items or attachments to improve them. Patches over time have fixed some issues and re-balanced some overpowered equipment, such as the game's decoy grenades which allowed me to play through the Commander difficulty and lose only one person my first time playing. One of the last story missions in the game allows you to spend intel on granting your soldier concealment, giving them better aim, getting you an additional squad member, etc on that one mission. This would have been a much better use of intel in the game instead of just using it to buy black market items and to contact the resistance, it could have allowed you to preview the map, lower the number of enemies by having resistance contacts do things, detect enemies, etc. The game supports mods and there have already been some good ones released including new weapons, abilities, classes, customization options, and changes to speed up or edit different parts of the game. Even with the negatives it's a great game that will likely only be improved for you with the purchase of the DLC and through the use of player made mods.

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