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Archangel Hellfire Story: The Great Mech Wars Ignite

After a few strategic USFF victories, HUMNX has adapted. In response to the Archangel weapon, the incredibly resourceful corporation deployed three new, state-of-the-art mechs featuring advanced movement and weapons systems. The USFF rises to the new challenge and initiates automated, mechanized war-machine construction to increase their own mech roster to an equivalent level.

Both HUMNX and USFF enter a Mech arms race in which the winner will also decide the world’s fate. Conscious of their inability to keep pace with HUMNX enhancements, USFF weapons strike the largest HUMNX Mech Replication site, Genesis Facility. Four USFF outposts are simultaneously attacked in an immediate retaliation. The ensuing war has caused extensive destruction and too many casualties to count. When The Great Mech Wars end, who will be left to reclaim our shattered world?