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What is Archangel Hellfire?

Archangel Hellfire is the intense, free-roaming multiplayer expansion to the on-rails VR shooter, Archangel. Spectacular mech combat has escalated to explosive new heights! Pilot massive weapons of destruction, armed to the teeth, and war on post-apocalyptic lands.

After near defeat in the single-player campaign (base game), HUMNX deployed three battle-ready mechs in response to the Archangel. Both warring factions have now gone off rails and have fearsome new weaponry in their arsenals. The fate of our shattered world will be decided with multiplayer combat and mech-on-mech deathmatch. Do you have what it takes to reign hellfire?

Free-Roaming Mechs in Archangel Hellfire

Wander the war-torn landscape freely in your mech and take advantage of the elevated positions, dangerously wide-open basins, and numerous obstacles on the battlefields. Each mech in Archangel Hellfire is equipped with tactile controls inside the cockpit designed for all-terrain warfare.

Mechs are also able to jump and hover, which makes surprise attacks a certainty. Insanely smooth and responsive controls allow you to navigate the rugged, post-apocalyptic landscape with vertical movement and attack the battlefield from every angle. Teamwork and strategic management of mech weapons systems are essential, especially as you try to take enemy mechs down by surprise.

Light mechs have speed and maneuverability advantages, medium and heavy mechs have varying degrees of firepower and shields. Flak cannons deal heavy damage and prove Heavy mechs very deadly despite their slower movement. The ultimate abilities are unique and differ by mech class. Team up or fight solo, just leave only charred mech wreckage in your wake.

Archangel Hellfire Free for Owners of the Base Game

Hellfire is a distinct experience from the Archangel base game and is a free update available to everyone who owns the single-player campaign. Owners also gain access to a pre-release beta running from May 25th to official launch July17th.