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Cuphead's Main Characters - Meet The Cast Of The Game

Cuphead is a side-scrolling shooter where you play as the titular hero: an anthropomorphic cup who can fire an unidentified liquid from the end of his gloved hand like your dad doing finger guns at the disco. A charming troublemaker, Cuphead is joined in co-op by Mugman, his twin brother. The blue to Cuphead’s red, Mugman has a larger nose and a shorter straw - the latter is ironic, since he has a much more measure temperament than his rash, red-coloured brother.

Overseeing their entire adventure is the Elder Kettle, a wise sage who is responsible for the upkeep of these fragile siblings. The Elder Kettle is also the person to blame for the duo’s liquid-firing finger guns. This parental figure constantly warns to twins not to wonder too far from home. The day they don’t listen, they end up in debt to the Devil himself.

The Devil owns a casino that Cuphead and Mugman find themselves in. After a winning streak on the craps table, the Devil offers them all the riches in the casino if they win their next dice roll. If they lose, he takes their souls. Cuphead rolls the dice without his brother’s consent, kicking off their adventure to win back their souls.

On their travels, the pair meet a spectral ally called the Legendary Chalice. This mysterious friend is searching Mausoleums for mystical powers. Unfortunately, these adventures often lead to her being captured in an urn. Cuphead and Mugman must rescue her whenever they cross paths. In exchange, she bestows upon them a Super Art - a screen-filling special move that sucks up an entire Power Meter.