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Final Fantasy 15 Secrets And Easter Eggs

Final Fantasy has always been a series where some of the best stuff is hidden in places you might not think of looking. Head to the corner of the map in FFVII and FFVIII and you will find secrets waiting. Fight optional bosses and you may uncover powerful weapons. Play a certain way and you might unlock a secret scene. This is still the case for Final Fantasy 15 (except the map doesn’t have corners), so let us walk you through some of the best secrets and easter eggs.

Final Fantasy 15 secret weapons

Ulric’s Kukris

Once owned by Nyx Ulric, this weapon can be seen in CGI movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. If you want to know how to track it down, the following contains spoilers for the end of the game. Skip to the next entry to avoid.

Near the end of the game, defeat Ifrit in Insomnia. Head up the elevator and wait until you hear the roar of a daemon. Head back outside and fight the two red giants who have appeared there. Now travel back through Insomnia fighting every enemy you come across, defeat the two Naragini, head outside, and there will be a pyromancer there. Kill it for the daggers.

Legendary weapons

There are five legendary weapons in Final Fantasy 15, but you must complete the game and head back through a second time to unlock them. As soon as you are able during your second playtrhough, head back to Lucis, then find Randolf the blacksmith in Lestallum. He will give you quests to track down the items needed to craft each of the weapons. Happy hunting!

Royal Arms

Many of these weapons are obtained through the main story. However, if you want to unlock them all you will need to battle through every optional dungeon as well.

Final Fantasy 15 easter eggs

Indiana Jones reference

In the The Trail of Ramuh mission, you and you companions head through a cave. In the cave, there are snakes. At one point, you and your pals get separated, at which point Noctis says, "Snakes? Why'd it have to be snakes?" The line is from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Singing Prompto

Throughout the game, one of your allies, Prompto, starts to hum as you wander around. If you listen closely, you will realise that one of the things he is humming is the classic Final Fantasy Chocobo theme. After a successful battle, he also hums the old school battle jingle. It should get you right in the nostalgia gland.

Iris’ Moogle

We’ve weaponised Moogles before in Final Fantasy, but this one is worth a look. At one point in the story Iris teams up with you. If you get into battle, she provides support spells. If you engage a Link Attack with her, however, she will launch her stuffed toy right at the enemy’s face.

Nissin Cup Noodles

In a bizarre bit of product placement, Gladiolus just can’t get enough of Cup Noodles from this specific company. At certain points in the game he will bring them up, occasionally breaking into a full monologue about them. It is about as subtle as Cloud’s Buster Sword.