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Final Fantasy 15's Memorable Locations

At its heart, Final Fantasy 15 is game about taking a big road trip through Eos - you and your buddies are driving around in a fancy convertible, taking in the wildlife, scenery, and cities you pass along the way. It is incredible how much variety this RPG packs into its world, with many of the locations you visit inspired by real places on Earth, usually with some fantastical twist.

There are lots of sights to see as you travel, from roadside diners to Venetian cities. Here are some that stick most in the mind once you are done:


Altissia is what you would get if Venice got kicked through an anime convention. It is a city built upon waterways, and you travel through it on gondolas. Sail past picturesque cafes, restaurants, and shops, watching the citizens and tourists bustle around. Look up and see dagger-like towers jutting into the sky, built into the side of a dam like some man made waterfall, a bridge sticking out of their gaping maws.

Altissia is one of the most beautiful videogame locations you will ever visit, and you will be able to see its vision fully realised in Final Fantasy 15 on PC.

Galdin Quay

One of the first major locations you visit, the Galdin Quay is like a Caribbean resort. Beach huts are flanked by palm trees, blue waters lazily lap at the sand, and a restaurant dominates the harbour - you can almost smell the seafood from the smoke twisting through its roof. Why not have a spot of fishing while you are here? Once you are done, sample the delicacies at its seaside resort. If you feel full after, take a nap in a nearby caravan, then wake up to see the Galdin Quay’s harbour light up during the night.


One of the great things about Final Fantasy 15 is how much variety it packs into its world. One minute you are at a holiday resort, the next you are hanging out in a rural area on the edge of a peninsula. Caem is just an outpost, but it still has a distinct personality compared to the other locations you visit, surrounded by empty land and with a view that looks out over the ocean.


Just like some of the other locations in Eos, Lestallum takes inspiration from another real world location: Cuba. This bustling city is full of markets, hotels, car parks, and people milling around. It really feels like a proper city break when you drive over. Take a wander down its alleyways, speak to its citizens, and buy goods from its many stores. If you chat to enough people, you will discover that this city draws its power from a magical meteor nearby.


This sprawling metropolis is Final Fantasy 15’s take on Tokyo. This is a futuristic city of skyscrapers, densely packed and with more verticality than other places you visit. It is a stark contrast to the sandy beaches of Galdin Quay. If you want a better look at Insomnia before the war, watch Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.