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Final Fantasy 15 On PC - New Features & Mods

Final Fantasy 15 is, erm, finally coming to PC after so long as a console exclusive. Many people who were waiting for the game to launch will have probably already played it at this point, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a revisit. After all, Square Enix has gone all out to make sure the PC version of Final Fantasy 15 is the definitive edition. So, let Green Man Gaming convince you why the PC version is worth the wait.

Final Fantasy 15 PC graphics upgrades

Final Fantasy 15 at max settings on PC will look amazing. If you have the right setup - basically a space rocket under your desk - you can run it at native 8k resolution. That is four more ‘k’s than 4k. If you are wondering what that means, here is our expert tech breakdown: it is a lot of ‘k’s. As well as having so many pixels that your eyes can’t even see them, it is also HDR10 compatible. There’s time to buy a new monitor yet, don’t worry.

On top of all that, the tech powering it will allow for some impressive graphical effects. Watch the boys’ hair flow as you drive your convertible, thanks to Nvidia HairWorks. Smoke, fire, and fluid will also be more convincing and dynamic, thanks to Nvidia Flow. Grass, shadows, and lighting all get similar improvements. Switch all the buttons on and watch your image pop from your new monitor (you just bought one, right?).

Final Fantasy 15 PC DLC

The PC version of Final Fantasy 15 comes bundled with all the content released so far on the console version. That means you get all the free updates - such as an off-road car, co-op, first-person mode, reworked Chapter 13, and more - as well as all the full DLC episodes.

Final Fantasy 15 mods

Square Enix has already confirmed that Final Fantasy 15 on PC will support mods. The studio embraces community creativity.

There are no mods live for Final Fantasy 15 at the time of writing, but let’s have a little speculate on the kinds of things that could show up.

Classic characters Final Fantasy 15 mod

This one has to happen, right? If you are a modder who is reading this, let us players swap Noctis out for Cloud and his Buster Sword. Let us drive around that landscape as Squall. Let us fire his gunblade at someone’s face. In fact, why not just let us play as the bad guys as well? Green Man Gaming would definitely be up for cutting about (literally) as Sephiroth.

Car radio Final Fantasy 15 mod

One of the great features in Final Fantasy 15 is how it lets you listen to music from other Final Fantasy games as you drive around. Surely it is a matter of time before someone manages to get it working with radio stations in real life, like some anime take on Euro Truck Simulator 2. Get it working with Spotify and it would be even better.

Regalia modding Final Fantasy 15 mod

We can already tweak aspects of the Regalia - Final Fantasy 15’s royal motor vehicle - but a mod could take this further still. Give us new body parts, new paint jobs, and vinyls. Let us pretend we’re in an episode of Pimp My Ride. Give is NoS injections. Give us Xzibit as a mechanic. Allow us to play it like it is Need for Speed. Thank you very much.