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Community Insights: Final Fantasy Player stats

Author: Rob, Gina

With the Final Fantasy XIV fan festival just around the corner, we’ve put together some quirky facts and stats from the Green Man Gaming site and community.

What is the most purchased Final Fantasy game?

The large scale online multiplayer is in at number one as the most purchased game according to Green Man Gaming. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn became a massive hit when the franchise released an MMO, swaying slightly from their usual story heavy games. The customisable freedom that Final Fantasy 14 has created for fans of the series has seen expansions arrive thick and fast, with the Stormblood expansion arriving soon.

Final Fantasy XIV

Hours of gameplay for Final Fantasy 14?

You’ve been busy, Green Man Gaming community and Final Fantasy fans, extremely busy. You’ve racked up 295,392,310 minutes of gameplay, an incredible 4,923,205.17 hours. That’s how much time you’ve spent exploring the world of Eorzea. Here’s to another 4 million hours, we hope to see a spike on 18th February!

Achievements unlocked in each game

The second most purchased game on our Final Fantasy list is Final Fantasy X-2 Remaster, with 69 achievements recorded for the popular game in the franchise, let’s take a look at least and most achieved.

Final Fantasy X2 HD Remaster

Least Achieved:

Final Fantasy X-2 Completion - Which 0% of our Green Man Gaming audience achieved, meaning no one obtained all available Final Fantasy X-2 achievements.

Most Achieved:

Speaking in Tongues - 55% of you found 1 Al Bhed Primer, which can be used as a translation tool on letters.

One of the most popular games purchased through Green Man Gaming, Final Fantasy XIII has its fair share of achievements, with 35 achievements recorded. Seeing as it’s up there with our community favourites, we’ve taken a look at least and most achieved.

Final Fantasy XIII

Least Achieved:

Treasure Hunter - Only 2% of our audience achieved this in Final Fantasy XIII. To gain Treasure Hunter, you must have held every weapon and accessory in the game.

Most Achieved:

Instrument of Fate - With a huge 69% of the community achieving Instrument of Fate, which is the first achievement in the game and gained by defeating your first boss, this is an easy one to gain and can be found about 5 minutes in the game.