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The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival

Author: Rob, Gina

This year’s Final Fantasy 14 fan festival is taking place next month in three major cities Las Vegas, Tokyo and Frankfurt. For those that are new to the FFXIV Festival and considering attending the global event, read on and find out how to get the most from this exhilarating experience.

Kicking off on Saturday 18 February in Frankfurt Germany at the Festhalle Frankfurt, this two day event will feature exclusive content and unique opportunities for fans of the hugely popular MMO.

The FFXIV Fan Festival will include in-game and live activities, as well as stage events and contests. The event schedule can be outlined on the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest website and we have outlined what each activity has in store.

In-game Activities

The Final Fantasy 14 fan festival is a great opportunity for fans of the franchise to meet up and discuss strategies, battle plans and challenges. As always, you can play alongside your fellow Final Fantasy lovers in exclusive in-game activities including Special Fan Festival Challenge, Trial Roulette, PvP and Speed Runs.

Live Activities

Recreating niche parts from the world of Final Fantasy provides great thrills at the festival, with mini games available to experience and adventure.

Stage Events

Engaging and influential keynote speaker and director/producer, Naoki Yoshida will kick of the fan festival, with behind the scenes information from the development team, as well as live music and immersive fan participation content.


There will be a range of contests available, so there is something for everyone! An art contest will be available for those that fancy their chance at taking pen to paper and submitting fan art. Alternatively, for those looking to showcase their craft skills, a cosplay contest is open to all festival goers, let’s see your best chocobo!

A range of exclusive quirky merchandise must-haves will be available at the festival, but you can also pre-purchase your cute Moogle slippers or official festival top before the date, to avoid disappoint!

So what does the ticket include? A weekend pass will cost $148.99 and give you access to the Fan Festival 2017 in Frankfurt on both the Saturday and Sunday. You’ll also receive a special FFXIV Fan Festival 2017 Goody Bag which has exciting and exclusive in-game items. An additional benefit to ticket holders is a KombiTicket which allows you to use the tram free of charge to travel to and from the venue. You can purchase your Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival tickets via the Eventbrite website.

Looking for more information on the location on the Fan Festival? Find all the details on the FFXIV Fan Festival website, including venue and transport details.