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Final Fantasy XIV Top Tips

Author: Rob, Gina

With Final Fantasy XIV getting the Storm Blood expansion in June, we thought it would be a great idea to list some top tips for the MMO. So if you are brand new to the franchise or dusting off your sword and returning Eorzea.

Take Advantage Of Area Of Effect

One of the most crucial survival techniques you are taught in the early stages of the game is to dodge the area of effect (or AoE). Once the red circle appears during an enemies attack quickly dodge out of it’s radius. This sounds pretty basic but at high levels AoE can be one hit kills.

Making Friends Is Key To Success

This is one of the more obvious tips in this guide. Making fronds in Final Fantasy XIV is mandatory, especially when you get to the higher levels. The endgame content does include a fair few group challenges so make sure you get a decent band of brothers and sisters together.

Registering Teleport Locations

Even though it is pretty expensive, teleporting is the most convenient way to get around the world of Eorzea. We suggest registering Aetheryte crystals at each of the world's capital cities in order to make getting round just a tad easier.

In order to register the Aetheryte you will need to select the Aetheryte and register its location, however you are only able to save up to 3 locations at a time. So having one at each capital city and one at a convenient level grinding location is the most effective and cheapest way to use the teleportation system.

What's more, you’ll get a major discount every time you teleport to one of the capitals which will help your funds out in the long run.

Grab a Chocobo As Soon As You Can

As teleporting is pretty expensive, a good way to get around thew world of Eorzea quickly is by Chocobo.

You can obtain one of these speedy yellow birds in a story mission at level 22. Make sure you choose the Grand Company and then earn 2,000 Grand Company Seals in order to obtain the desired quest item and then get your new yellow buddy for life.

Use Your Hunting Log

Final Fantasy XIV provides every adventurer with their own hunting log. This handy document lists a bunch of enemies to hunt for XP along with their general locations. True, the log will not provide an exact location but then that’s half the fun when beast hunting.

Completing the hunting log is also needed to progress in the game as certain teairs need to be completed in order to advance in the game's story.

Use Sanctuaries and Inns to logout of your game

Final Fantasy XIV has a rested XP system which will give you bonus XP even when you are not playing. The catch here is that this is only activated when you logout in a sanctuary on an inn, once logged out in either one these locations, players will gain a 50% XP bonus for their kills once they log back in. Inns can be found in each of Eorzea’s capital cities whilst sanctuaries are the main quest hubs in each of the world's zones.

Keep Hold Of Your Spirit Bound Gear

The gear you wear in Final Fantasy XIV will eventually become spiritbound to you as you wear it during combat. You can check the spiritbound progression of an item by looking at it’s tooltip. Once at 100% the item can be converted into Materia. Materia can then be used to improve the stats on any equipped item, so the spiritbound system can come in quite handy should you want to create some truly epic battle gear.

Make sure you can do damage as and when you can.

In most MMO games players can find if frustrating when a higher level player comes strolling in and kills all of the enemies before you have the chance. This is known as mob stealing and luckily FFXIV has taken this into account.

Players can still get some XP and Quest credit by assisting in mob kills so make sure you do some damage before the beats is well and truly slain. Just make sure you get at least 30% of the damage in to reap the rewards.