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Let Us Provide You With A Gameplay Overview Of Hunter's Arena: Legends

Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a fast paced action-packed multiplayer online PvP game with a rewarding upgrade system and combat that’s easy to pick up but offers huge depths for those willing to try and master it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve played a Battle Royale game before, we guarantee you’ve played nothing like Hunter’s Arena: Legends, so before you dive in here’s our guide to how it plays and what you can expect.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends Gameplay Basics

As Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a mix of different genres, you may need to know a few things before you head into its battlefields to fight for supremacy.

One of the main focuses is in its Battle Royale mode, a 60 player battle to the death set on a map that increasingly diminishes over time. It’s here that you’ll spend most of your time, fighting for survival against enemies and constantly respawning monsters in the fields and massive dungeons both player controlled and part of the environment, as you work your way towards the end game. The goal of this mode is to be the last character standing, facing off against 59 other players who also have the same objective. As you fight, the available space to battle through and explore will shrink forcing you into direct conflict until there’s just one winner or winning team.

For a brief overview of the game’s gameplay, you can also check out this official video giving you a quick look at how the game plays:

The game itself is controlled in a third person over the shoulder view, so if you’ve played games such as Smite you’ll feel right at home jumping into your character and adventuring with them. By default you’ll look around with the mouse, using keyboard controls to move your character and interact with the world. The exception to this is in the game’s combat, which is done using the mouse with the left mouse button focusing on weapon attacks and the right on martial arts. 

Hunter’s Arena: Legends’ combat is where the game truly comes to life. Taking inspiration from fighting games and in-depth action RPGs you’ll find yourself in charge or a deep combat system that gives you a huge amount of options in any encounter. Weapon attacks chain together using your equipment to destroy your enemies health and send them flying, martial arts break guards and allow you to bust through their defences to inflict massive damage. 

The main goal of the game’s core gameplay is to survive. This is best done by defeating enemies, exploring the world, and levelling your character up. This will give you myriad benefits making your character stronger, tougher, and more able to survive against the onslaught of enemies you’ll face out there on its battlefield. Be warned, however, your opponents will be doing the same, and much like in a MOBA you don’t want to be under-levelled if you encounter a wandering foe. You’ll also want to be prepared for the final moments of each match, making sure you’re levelled up enough and have the right gear to be able to take down your opponents and win the day, becoming a legend on the battlefield.

Hopefully you should now have a grasp of how Hunter’s Arena: Legends plays and what to expect when battling for survival, but for more guides and tips, head on over to our hub and check out what we have for you.