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With Hunter's Arena: Legends In Early Access, What's Planned Next?

Early Access is a period when developers and gamers work hand-in-hand to gather feedback, and make a game sparkle in advance of its full launch. The early Access period for Hunter’s Arena: Legends is no different. Developers Mantisco are going to be spending the coming months polishing the game, listening to player feedback focused on presenting brilliant gaming experiences.

Here’s what to expect over the coming months as Hunter’s Arena: Legends goes through Early Access and approaches the official launch.

How long will Early Access be?

The Early Access period is expected to last eight months, where the developers will be working hard to polish and hone Hunter’s Arena: Legends to a fine finish. The three pillars that the developers Mantisco are working on are stability, a complete experience, and quality, making the Early Access feedback period an essential part in realising their vision for the game.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends Development Roadmap

It’s important to remember that, just like in-game, no plan of battle survives first contact so whilst we’re sharing the development roadmap here it is subject to change. 

Five key updates are planned for the Early Access period as Hunter’s Arena: Legends approaches launch. These will be spaced out through the year with regular information and news being posted to keep the community informed of the current status and progress. You should see the first of these updates appear around September, with regular updates afterwards.

These updates will not only be focused on polish and stability, but on bringing new features and modes to the game. For the Early Access, the game comes with the following playable modes:

  • Battle Royale Solo
  • Battle Royale Trio
  • Free for All
  • Tag Match

With the coming updates planned over the next year you’ll see two new modes added to this roster, giving you more ways to play and more options to choose from when you start up the game.

In addition, you’ll see new characters added during development. Currently Hunter’s Arena: Legends has twelve characters, by the end of the five updates this is expected to rocket up to nineteen. This means no matter what your preferred playstyle is there’ll be a character for you to dive into and make all your own as you contend for victory.

That would be enough for anyone, but the team at Mantisco will also be listening carefully to player feedback throughout the Early Access period, making sure that they are working directly with the community to make the end game as brilliant as possible. So there’s no reason to not dive into the Early Access version and get playing, knowing that your thoughts can help craft the future of this game.

If you need more information or guides about Hunter’s Arena: Legends, head on over to our game hub for all the details you need.