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The Key Mechanics Of Hunter's Arena: Legends Explained!

Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a game that combines the best of multiple genres into a compelling and exciting Battle Royale multiplayer mix. To master it you’ll need patience, cunning, and knowledge of its key mechanics.

So to help you on your way to becoming a legend in Hunter’s Arena: Legends, here’s the game’s key mechanics and how they work.

Combat and Abilities

Combat forms the core mechanic that the game revolves around. You’ll be mixing together deadly combos using your weapons and your characters’ martial arts abilities to bring your enemies down, smash through their defences, and defeat them. Each character plays differently with characters falling into melee, medium range, and long range archetypes so we’d definitely recommend testing out characters to find one that best fits your play style.

Weapon attacks switch between dealing combos that inflict damage on your opponent and activating your guard, when used at the right time. This allows you to block and defend against incoming attack, an essential part of staying alive.

Martial arts help break through your opponents guard, as well as activating your counters when you’re facing an opponent using their own martial arts on you. By carefully timing your counters you’ll be able to reverse attacks on your opponents, turning their own attacks against them.

In addition to these basics, there are tonnes of combos that can be chained together through using a mixture of weapon attacks and martial arts, especially when you mix in moving, staying still, or being in the air. Attacks can be activated at almost any time, and learning when to mix them together to destroy your opponents is key to understanding how to stay alive in Hunter’s Arena: Legends.

Each character also comes equipped with different abilities which can inflict area damage, set your opponents on fire, or even get you out of danger. Check out our character guide for more guidance on who to pick when diving into the world of Hunter’s Arena: Legends.

Levelling Up

Key to survival in Hunter’s Arena: Legends is levelling up. By integrating a deep RPG levelling system into the game the developers have ensured that no two battles will play out the same, and that you have a remarkable amount of scope for customisation.

Levelling can be done in a variety of ways when exploring the game’s world. The game map is filled with creatures who can be defeated for experience and occasionally, loot. These come in different forms, from basic monsters to boss enemies, but be warned - better loot comes from stronger enemies, and the strongest will give anyone a test of their abilities.

You can also delve into dungeons, hunt down strong foes, and explore the world to be able to power up your character ahead of the final confrontation at the end of the match. The choice is yours - but always make sure to pay attention to the constantly shrinking barrier, as you don’t want to be stranded far from a safe area when danger is all around you.


Hunter’s Arena: Legends has a large amount of equipment for you to discover, purchase in-match, or loot when out adventuring. Each hunter can equip up to five pieces of equipment, with many being able to be enhanced.

These items can boost your attack/skill power, health, defensive capabilities. So it’s well worth your time keeping an eye out for loot in the fields and dungeons as you fight for survival. As well as equipment, many consumables can be bought or looted which give temporary buffs, healing, or even experience to level up faster.

With this information equipped you should be ready for your first fray in Hunter’s Arena: Legends. For more information and guides, trot over to our hub for all the guides and help you could ever ask for.