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We Break Down The Playable Characters In Hunter's Arena: Legends

Hunter’s Arena: Legends offers a huge and varied roster of characters - named hunters - to choose from, with more on their way as the game progresses through Early Access. With twelve to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, there’s a huge amount to consider when starting each match.

Thankfully, we have all the information you need. Here’s our rundown of all the hunters in Hunter’s Arena: Legends.

Melee hunters


A melee character who focuses on using his Sway ability to rapidly close distances on opponents. Jun is especially powerful when fighting one on one with enemies, though struggles sometimes against groups.


Mir’s melee abilities deal continuous attacks to wear down opponents and knock them back, keeping them off guard. His passive skill can also be used as an escape, giving new players an easy way to get out of danger.


The ground is your friend when playing Tau, as any downed enemy is ripe for Tau to deal immense damage to them. Concentrate on knocking foes down and you’ll soon have the upper hand.


Stealth and teleporting keep this character from being detected and makes sure they have the upper hand in melee encounters. Stay unseen and pounce in to ambush your enemies and you’ll soon see victory.


A hunter whose superior mobility makes them hard to target and bring down, especially as they can exploit enemy weaknesses and deal area damage to keep them off balance.


Aiden’s abilities can interrupt enemies, meaning you’ll keep them off guard as you work to bring them down. In addition, they can grant buffs, making them a brilliant team member for Trios.


Samjang is the archetypal melee support character, they can assist with attacks and also help keep allies alive by boosting his defences and redirecting damage to himself.


If absorbing huge amounts of punishment is what you’re looking for, then you need go no further than Gyeonjo. This tank specialises in taking down single targets while taking a beating.

Mid-range hunters


Geonhong taunts enemies to draw attention whilst attacking from mid-range. With great mobility and the ability to keep enemies focused on him, he can kite foes across the map while chipping away at their health.

Long-range hunters


Ara can keep your enemies off-guard with long range attacks and brilliant mobility. Armed with an escape move you can duck out of danger while keeping the damage going with their ranged attacks and skills.


If versatility is what you’re looking for then Dara may be the pick for you. This hunter can adapt to almost any situation with their elemental powers and effects.


Yoongeon is a little different to the other hunters as his flexibility makes him deadly in melee as well as at long-range. With a dash attack and powerful strikes from his swords and ancient weapon, he makes a dangerous enemy for anyone.

With these hunters in your arsenal there’s no limit to the power you’ll be able to bring to the battlefield. For more info, details, and guides, head on over to our Hunter’s Arena: Legends hub and start powering up.