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Age of Wonders: Planetfall Beginner's Guide

The Age of Wonders series has historically been one that’s easy to get into, but quite difficult to master. With a huge amount of depth in their strategic and tactical layers and loads to see and learn, it can be an overwhelming task to truly get into an Age of Wonders game.

Even those familiar with the series may find Age of Wonders: Planetfall a daunting proposition, as it blasts off in a different direction with new themes, new factions, and a new approach.

Whether this is your first Age of Wonders game or your fifth, let us help you get into Planetfall with our beginner’s guide.

Play the Tutorial

We all know how it happens, you start a game and it says ‘Tutorial’. But you’ve played games before, what do you need a tutorial for? Well, play it. Please, we recommend getting through it before taking a step into the rest of the game.

Obey the green diamond

On certain options you may see a green diamond, especially during character customisation. This indicates an option is suitable for beginners. If you’re unsure about what you’re doing or just need a little help, the green diamond can be a lifesaver.

Expand if you can

New colonies help increase the rate at which your fledgling empire produces, well, everything. Each colony can only produce one thing at a time, so if you’re in need of an army or multiple buildings, having multiple colonies is the only way to do that.

Knowledge is quite literally power

Research is key to a victory in Planetfall. Who wants to spend the entire game limited to the same units and buildings? Through exploring the game’s extensive research trees you’ll have access to wonders hitherto unimagined, all just for the investment in a bit of science.

Learn the resource colours

When expanding into a new sector or considering a new colony, it’s worth remembering what the different resource colours mean.

  • Yellow - Energy - used to produce units, structures, and is used as a currency.
  • Green - Food - Keeps people alive. 
  • Orange - Production - Boosts production in an area for building structures or units.
  • Purple - Knowledge - Primarily used for research.

By knowing what the icons mean, you’ll be able to expand your influence with confidence.


You can exploit sectors if you have a colony in that area. Once you’ve annexed a sector and made it your own by having a colony in it, you’ll be able to upgrade the sector. Using the information above, you should know what a sector’s best at, and what you can get the most out of it by exploiting its resources.

The Imperial Archives 

If you’ve played a bit and still find yourself in need of some extra help, a definition for a mechanic or in-game option, the Imperial Archives should have everything you need to dig through and get all the knowledge you need to continue your game.

Ready to head to space and start your first Age of Wonders: Planetfall game? Before you go, why not head over to the rest of our Planetfall hub, and learn about factions, races, and much more.