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What's new in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord has released into Early Access and has brought a slice of medieval simulation to the PC. With revamped systems and updates across the board there’s a lot to chew on and digest when approaching the new game.

If you’re a Mount and Blade veteran or new to the series, here’s everything that’s new in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. 

Note: This game is in Early Access so new features may be added, changed, or updated throughout production.

Improved character progression

In Bannerlord, you’ll see your character levelling up their skills through use. So if you’re determined to be the finest sword fighter in the land you’ll have to get used to swinging that sword a lot. When you level up you earn focus points which then allow you to invest in your skills, speeding up the rate at which they improve.

In addition, you’ll be unlocking perks. There are both active and passive perks on offer, meaning you can really customise your character as you play to be who you want them to be.


Influence is a new currency type that you’ll be accruing when playing. Influence is a tool that lets you dabble in politics, you gain it with your increased fame as you play and make more of an impact on the world. You can spend it to exert influence over a faction, such as getting a lord to follow you into battle with their troops.

Be careful, however, as influence is an indicator as a whole of how much a faction trusts and welcomes you. If your influence gets too low with a faction you may find yourself cast out and your assets seized.

Minor Factions

In addition to the larger nations, Bannerlord features smaller factions each specific to an area. For example, the Vlandians feature minor factions of the Brotherhood of the Woods and the Company of the Golden Boar, mercenary factions you have to take into account when planning on dealing with the nation.


In previous Mount and Blade games you hired companions, but now you can create a clan around your companions to help you take over the world. By hiring companions you can add them to your clan, giving them specific roles to help you in your quest for glory. The main benefit of clans is that as they grow, you can add additional parties to the clan, meaning you’ll have allied armies out on the map all working together to further your aims. 


Sieges have been utterly revamped for Bannerlord. In addition to a foot assault, you will now be able to craft specific siege engines such as battering rams, siege towers, and much more. This makes siege combat more dynamic and tactical as well as allowing you to flex your siegecraft muscles.

Death and continuity.

It’s now possible for your character to die in Bannerlord, but the game doesn’t have to end. It’s possible to have offspring, and if you get captured and killed they can take over the reigns of your fledgling empire. If you don’t, then a clan member can, meaning you have continuity when playing even if you’re no longer playing the same character.

There’s a huge amount added in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord and over the coming months we expect to see even more features introduced, refined, and expanded upon. For more information on Bannerlord, head over to our hub and get armed with knowledge.