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Character Bio - Ethan

Ethan is the main protagonist for Resident Evil 7. As the current videos and trailers have led us to believe, Ethan is more of a Faceless protagonist as Resident Evil 7 has switched from the franchises classic 3rd person view to First Person.

Ethan’s Story

Ethan is led to the The Baker Family mansion in search for his wife who is believed to be held captive by the family. Not much else has been released into Ethan’s story as yet but there has been hints in gameplay trailers that his relationship with Mia maybe on the rocks.

Ethan’s Skills

Ethan is a unique Resident Evil protagonist as he doesn’t have any special ops or military training. This means he isn’t as proficient with a gun as previous protagonist such as Chris Redfield or Leon S Kennedy.

More information about Ethan’s story and skills will be coming soon.

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