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The Weapons of Resident Evil 7

by Rob Bunce

Resident Evil 7 at its core brings the much loved horror franchise back to it’s roots. Bringing with it a disturbing sense of isolation and helplessness. As you can imagine Resident Evil 7 may be quite limited in terms of weapons and ways of defending yourself. There has been footage of some weapons in use however, so here is a list of weapons that have currently been confirmed for Resident Evil 7.

Fire Axe

This weapon featured in the Resident Evil: Beginning Hour demo and was your only weapon, even though it was never technically needed as there was no real combat in the demo itself. It is more than likely going to make a return when the full game launches in January.

The Hunting Knife

From some of the gameplay footage we have seen, the hunting knife has been confirmed for Resident Evil 7. Even though it can be used to deliver a fatal blow to some weaker enemies, it is also quite handy for opening boxes and smashing crates.

The Handgun

Possible a staple weapon for any Resident Evil game the handgun makes a welcome return to Resident Evil 7. It can be quite effective if aimed correctly against weaker enemies, but with Resident Evil 7 being more horror based we can imagine that there will be a lot of times where the player will find themselves panic shooting.

The Shotgun

Another weapon that was confirmed via a gameplay trailer, even if the trailer only featured the main character grabbing the gun from a crate. The shotgun traditionally can deliver massive damage at close range, which is pretty handy against the bigger and stronger enemies.

Flamethrowers, Explosives and Chainsaws

According to a now removed ESRB rating summary for Resident Evil 7. Players will be able to use pistols, shotguns, flamethrowers, explosives, and chainsaws against Mutated creatures. Even though this has not been fully confirmed by Capcom as yet, this sounds pretty promising as the information comes from quite a credible source.

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