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Resident Evil 7 Items

There hasn’t been much information in regards to what items will feature in Resident Evil 7. However from some of the videos that have been released by Capcom suggest that some of the classic Resident Evil items will be making a return. Here is what we have seen so far.


Yes it looks as though herb will be making a comeback. The primary healing item in any Resident Evil game can actually be seen in the Resident Evil 7 video below. To be honest, it wouldn’t really be a resident evil game without them.


We have confirmed what weapons you will be able to wield in RE7. SO it would make sense that you would need ammo for those weapons. However it has been confirmed that RE7 will be going back to its roots, in that ammo is going to be very limited. With ammo being so very limited you will need to find other ways to survive. Also ammo can be found almost anywhere as the video below confirms.

Other items:

Even though the above is a very vague subheading, it has been confirmed by Capcom that there will be a fair few items in the mansion that will serve no purpose at all. Gamers have already been going mad about a Dummy Finger in the Beginning Hour demo, which serves no purpose at all. Capcom have also confirmed that it will not be clear as to what items will be useless or not, which means you have to make the choice of ditching something or keeping it around just in case. WIth a limited inventory to keep items in this makes decisions like this very difficult.

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