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Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus Perks - How Will You Customise Your Character?

In Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, you will be free to play your way. Do you prefer to skulk around and pick off enemies one at a time? You can. Rather stay at a distance and take your enemies out with precision headshots? Sure. Would you rather put a gun in each hand and wade in? That’s also an option. Hell, you can even upgrade yourself so that you can literally run through enemies and see them explode in a cloud of gibs.

Wolfenstein II’s perks work in the same way as they did in the last game - they identify your preferred playstyle, tracking how you play and unlocking abilities to suit. Keep sneaking and you will get more abilities based around stealth. Go in guns-blazing and you will get better weapon skills.

Wolfenstein II’s perks are split into three categories - Mayhem, Tactical, and Stealth - and we have laid out all three for you below:

Wolfenstein II perks guide


Heavy Weapon Kills

  • Rewarded for killing enemies using heavy weapons.
  • Reward: detached heavy weapons have larger magazines.

Grenade kills

  • Rewarded for killing enemies with the Handgranate.
  • Reward: increased grenade capacity.

Dual-wield kills

  • Rewarded for killing enemies while dual-wielding.
  • Reward: carry more ammunition.

Combat takedown

  • Rewarded for getting in close and killing opponents using combat takedowns.
  • Reward: health regenerates faster.

Ram shackle kills

  • Rewarded for killing enemies by tackling them while using the Ram shackles ability.
  • Reward: dropped enemy armour pieces are more effective.

Overcharged kill

  • Rewarded for killing enemies while health is overcharged.
  • Reward: health overcharged deflates slower.


Environmental kills

  • Rewarded for killing enemies with environmental hazards like explosives.
  • Reward: reduces damage taken by explosives.

Enemy grenade kills

  • Rewarded by killing enemies with their own grenades, either by shooting one before it is thrown or by tricking them into blowing themselves up.
  • Reward: enemy grenades take longer to explode.

Headshot kills

  • Rewarded for killing enemies by shooting them in the head.
  • Reward: do more damage when aiming down the sight.

Battle Walker kills

  • Rewarded for killing enemies while using the Battle Walker ability.
  • Reward: dropped enemy weapons carry more ammo.

Kills by burning

  • Rewarded for killing enemies by using flames.
  • Reward: reduced damage taken from diesel weapons.

Elektro-bomb stun kills

  • Rewarded for stunning enemies with electric-charged grenades and killing them while stunned.
  • Reward: reduced damage taken from laser weapons.


Quick Commander kill

  • Rewarded for taking down commanders before they activate the alarm.
  • Reward: suppressed weapons do more damage.

Takedowns or tampers

  • Performing stealth takedowns on or tampering with robotic enemies.
  • Reward: tampering rewards laser and diesel ammo.

Constrictor kills

  • Rewarded for killing enemies while using the Constrictor harness.
  • Reward: move faster when using Constrictor harness.

Stealth takedowns

  • Rewarded for using stealth takedowns.
  • Reward: move faster when crouched.

Enigma Codes

  • Rewarded for searching dead commanders and finding Enigma Codes.
  • Reward: jame commander alarm signals and delay their transmission.

Thrown hatchet kills

  • Rewarded for killing Nazis with a thrown hatchet.
  • Reward: carry more hatchets.
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